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Licensing question - Renew time - Some Cleanup

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So inherited this small environment 13 active 2 admin accounts and 1 special mailbox so a total of 16 accounts. 


This what I currently have as far as licensing in the environment currently trying sort out.

Office 365 Enterprise E5 without Audio Conferencing
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
Windows 10 Enterprise E3
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection


With the WIN 10 Enterprise E3 and also having Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, shouldn't just go with WIN 10 Enterprise E5 that comes with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.


Also doesn't Office 365 Enterprise E5 without Audio Conferencing come with Enterprise Mobility + Security E5? Or is Office 365 Enterprise E5 without Audio Conferencing and Mobility + Security E5 the same and together or are they both license separately?





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@Jerry Gonzalez Hi Jerry!  Tracking down these licenses can be a little crazy with the new structure and all of the add-ons.


EMS E5 offers you more security features that what comes with Office 365 E5- here is a good breakdown:


And here are the current plan options-


I hope that helps!