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My office want to integrate Forms and Excel to allow our subcontractors to fill out the Form and attach any necessary documents. We created our form and we wanted to attach a pdf for our subcontractors to fill out. Does MS Forms have a feature where we can attach our pdf for people to fill out along with the form. Thank you.

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I don't think that Forms will give you the option to embed a .pdf file in to the form and it doesn't look like you can include a URL in your Form to link to your .pdf externally (I just tried).

One thought. You seem to be suggesting that you want the .pdf filled in by your subcontractors so could you not replicate the .pdf form in Forms and let them fill in your form and a Form's version of your .pdf questionnaire? Keep them separate (i.e. 2 forms) if you want the data in separate spreadsheets.
The pdf will be hard to replicate in Forms. Our ideal solution will be to have our subcontractors fill out the attached pdf and attach any of their necessary documents when submitting. Do you know of any software's that will be good for what we need.
Well a pdf file is static, you cant edit it, only print it out to complete. I'd just put it in a shared folder in OneDrive or SharePoint.
Our pdf's are integrated with Bluebeam so users can fill in their information in the pdf.