Graphing Large Amounts of Data Has Slowed Office 365

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I created a spreadsheet a few months ago that graphs three series of data with 90,000 points each.  This graph is updated once a minute during normal use.  Up until March 5, 2023 updating the graph took a little over a second.  I recently opened the same file April 11, 2023 and found that updating the graph now takes over 3 seconds on the same computer.  I'm not sure why this would have changed.  I noticed that the version of Excel 365 I'm using had been updated.  I now have Version 2303 Build 16227.20258.  We had another computer here at the office that had not been updated as recently, Version 2302 Build 16130.20332.  I tried the file on that machine and it updated as expected, in a little over 1 second.  I tried on other computers with 2303 and all were around 3 seconds.  The graph is an XY Scatter line graph.  Is this Version related or is there something else I might look into to?

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