GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Email Account Transfer

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Hi all, I'm working with a small company that just updated its business name. They want to update their Microsoft 365 licences to the new domain, which is currently registered with GoDaddy. 

As they weren't ready to change this straight away, some 365 (essential) Email accounts were set up in GoDaddy. Now they are ready to make the 365 update, but the email situation seems really confusing, and the two options seem to be: 

1) delete the accounts and set them up again, 

2) use GoDaddy to manage the changeover - but the tech support seemed a little vague on this and the timings.


Has anyone used the GoDaddy managed change and was it successful? Or would you recommend doing it manually? (Or another option?)


Sorry, I know versions of this have been asked before, but I'd really appreciate some up-to-date advice if possible. Thanks very much!


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