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We are a small company with sensitive data.  For the first time, we will be employing remote accountants as employees.  We are willing to supply them with company laptop, monitor, etc. to protect our data and not allow them to mix with personal data on their personal computer.


We don't have in-house capability to set up or maintain the equipment for security and productivity purposes.


1.  We are looking for a network / server administrator-consultant who knows how to set up the company computer to minimize possibility that employee can transfer company info to their other computer or to a third party.  Same when they use their smartphones.


2.  Also to install remote employee tracking software so we can, in a dignified way, make sure the remote employee is working productively.


3.  Finally, of course, to guard against hackers, viruses, and similar.


We appreciate recommendations to specific experts, or to a website which lists these experts, with emphasis on paragraph 1 skills, which seem to be relatively rare.  Maybe this could be a Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, or similar, with expertise in this area, but we don't know where to find a list of these Experts.


This initial assignment can lead to future challenging assignments involving our USA and overseas-based employees and offices.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @Paul_Tubbs 


Since this website is more for technical discussions and talk about technology, I believe LinkedIn would be best place to look for experts. It is place for those who are looking for jobs and those who are looking for experts.


However, I could share some tips for benefit of community.

You may consider Azure RMS: