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change wordpress to joomla

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this is my website
This website is made with WordPress and I am going to change it to Joomla. How can I do this without hurting the site SEO?

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Thank you for sharing your website link: Given that your website is currently built on WordPress and you intend to migrate to Joomla, it's essential to ensure the transition is seamless, especially concerning SEO.

Here are some steps to guide your migration process without hurting your site's SEO:

  1. Backup Everything: Before initiating any major changes, ensure you've backed up your entire WordPress website. This includes all files, content, and the database.

  2. Choose a Migration Tool or Service: While the link you provided ( covers the transition from Joomla to WordPress, you're seeking the opposite. It's essential to look for specific Joomla migration extensions or services that cater to WordPress to Joomla transitions.

  3. Maintain URL Structures: To ensure SEO is unaffected, try to keep the URL structure of your pages the same. If that's not possible, ensure you've set up 301 redirects from your old URLs to the new ones. This will help search engines understand the transition and transfer the SEO value to the new URLs.

  4. Update Content and Metadata: Make sure all content, including meta titles, descriptions, and other SEO-related attributes, are correctly transferred to your Joomla site.

  5. Test the Website: Before going live, rigorously test your Joomla website to ensure there are no broken links, missing content, or other discrepancies that might harm user experience and SEO.

  6. Update Google Search Console and Analytics: Once your Joomla site is live, ensure you update the sitemap in Google Search Console. Also, ensure that Google Analytics or any other tracking tools you're using are correctly integrated with your new site.

  7. Monitor SEO: Keep an eye on your site's SEO performance. Use tools like Google Search Console and Analytics to monitor any fluctuations in traffic, search queries, and overall site performance.

Lastly, if you're unfamiliar with the migration process or if it seems too complex, consider hiring a professional who can help ensure a smooth transition from WordPress to Joomla without affecting your SEO.

Best of luck with your migration!