Can't join the Teams meeting

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The issue is the user cannot join meetings in teams. He got an error saying "Sorry, cant join this meeting".  I usually can easily, Uninstall this app through Software center and then reboot, and reinstall teams again. After that it will work for the user for maybe about an hour, then the user would say it happens again, Any advice for solving this issue?


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As you keep on reinstall and that solves the issue, for a while, I would investigate further as how the user tries connect to the meeting/meetings. Are they in your org or external meetings? Is he a guest user in another org? Is he signed in there or elsewhere? Is it just one meeting or all meetings? VPN? Wi-Fi? Cable? Internet? Worked previously? How's the behavior if not using Teams desktop app and going online only? You know, some troubleshooting details ;)
Thanks Christian. This gives me a good start point of trouble shooting. I will post my finding once I have it