Business vs E3 vs E5


Is there a detailed comparison of the various skus anywhere, I'm really looking for the main differences between Business & E3.  Its fairly difficult to tell form the public product pages.

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I have seen a table that compares all the SKUs but it's apparently only meant for MS Partners, so can't be shared here.  You might want to reach out to one of these partners that can share these specifics with you.


From what I know anyway, Microsoft 365 Business is notable for:


Limited to 300 seats

business apps

Office 365 Business (Office 2016)

Subset of EMS features like MDM type features

Windows Autopilot

Windows 10 Business


Whereas Office 365 E3 has instead


Unlimited seats

Information protection - dlp, email encryption, rights management

Office 365 ProPlus

Compliance features like eDiscovery, mailbox hold, archiving


Then there are the similar common core Office 365 features in both like Teams, SharePoint, email, OneDrive, Skype etc.


Here is a nice set of resources as well this.



We are a partner, can you advise where the table lives at all?


And thanks for the feedback.

Don't know what it was called, unfortunately, came up in a web search and I just remember the table.


Actually some of those resources you have posted are really useful, perfect!

Is Windows 10 Business different from Enterprise?  What does it have that Pro and Enterprise doesn't?

Just had this handy battle card come through from our CSP distributor this morning,


That's very useful, thanks for posting.  Hopefully, it's not subject to an NDA or anything! I think customers would find these comparisons as part of the product literature helpful, as there is a lot to take onboard with all the different combinations.

@Peter Whitehouse, Thanks for this information.  It is very helpful.

@Jeffrey Allen wrote:

Is Windows 10 Business different from Enterprise?  What does it have that Pro and Enterprise doesn't?

The way I understand it, Windows 10 Business isn't an edition like Enterprise.  Windows 10 Business requires Windows 10 Pro.  It provides a free upgrade for those licensed for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.  Windows 10 Business includes the components that enable the PC to be managed by Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Intune.


From here:


"This raises the question - what is Windows 10 Business, is it another Windows SKU? Rather than think of it as another SKU, the best way to think about it is that it's Windows 10 Pro when it's being managed by Microsoft 365 Business. If that's not clear, think of it as Windows 10 Pro, plus the cloud based management capabilities that Azure Active Directory and Intune provide, including the choice of MAM or MDM based management options. You get to take advantage of MDM auto-enrolment, Windows Autopilot and other capabilities on offer when you start combining these technologies."

@Cian Allner, thanks for that answer that spells it out quite well and gives me a better understanding!!  Thanks again!!

@ Is the anyway to find out what licence you have. I am the IT manager for a company and their office 365 licensing was set up prior to me coming on board, so I am needing to find out if it is E3, E4 or E? is there any way to find this out?

@ndean66 Yes this is possible, but you'd need admin access to Office 365, then go to the admin center and then follow these instructions:




This will show you what Office 365 licensing you have, which plans and how much of them are in use.

thanks for this, I used some of this info in one of my blogs