Activated 80 D365 Partner licenses.But it doubled in number due to which expiry reduced by half

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Hi Team, 


Despite creating multiple tickets over the last 2 months in MPN Partner Portal and D365 Admin Center, there has been no proper response regarding the below Issue which was caused due to a mistake from Microsoft's end during Partnership renewal. Due to this the Tenant is in a Grace period and will be decommissioned soon. 


Open Ticket ID in MPN Portal : 2007140010001193 .

Open Ticket ID in D365 Admin center : 120071423002422


Posting the details of the ticket here, hoping to tag any escalation managers from Microsoft. We have not got any proper response or resolution either from the MPN Team or D365 Team.All the previous tickets were closed without any intimation or consent. @Russell Read : Can you help us out, please. 


Issue : 


  • As MS partners we had 80 Partner Benefit Licenses with us. Please find the below proof of those 80 Licenses as taken from MPN Portal

Actual Expiry Date in MS Partnership Portal.png

  • All 80 of which were activated on 11/17/2019  using the One Time Activation Code from MPN Portal. The Count of Licenses in Microsoft 365 Portal was also 80 post-activation. There were no seat additions later. All activations were done on a single day. However, in December 2019, we requested MS Partnership Yearly Renewal in the MPN Portal and since then the number of Licenses for D365 doubled in the M365 Portal(It rose to 160 , See the screenshot below). We have not bought any paid LicensesDue to this doubling of licenses, the expiry date reduced by half.

D365 License Doubing Issue in Tenant.png

As we never expected Microsoft to do such a mix up we were unaware of this doubling of license/Reduction in expiry. Due to which, the licenses expired in June 2020(Actual Expiry date is December 6 2020) . This is not at all our fault. We have been following up with support and we have not got any resolution yet. 


We request the concerned team to re-instantiate the license expiry to the actual expiry date of December 6, 2020. 




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Hi @Priyan1315,


I've responded to the private message you sent me. If you respond, I'll see if I can find somebody who can help to resolve this for you.


-thanks, Russell.