PPTM automatic print macro

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Dear experts,


I am looking for a possibility to print the current slide while presenting the presentation and without clicking a predefined macrobutton just bei opening this specific slide.


I have made so far this macro  which is running quite well but needs a click to start:


Sub printCurr()
Dim currSldnum As Long
currSldnum = SlideShowWindows(1).View.CurrentShowPosition
With ActivePresentation.PrintOptions
.RangeType = ppPrintSlideRange
.Ranges.ClearAll ' kill any current range settings
.Ranges.Add Start:=currSldnum, End:=currSldnum
End With
End Sub


However I am looking for a complete automated code that starts without clicking just by opening the slide slide.

Would it be possible to automate that?

Could you give me advice how to change the code?


I have Powerpoint2010


Thank you and kind regards!


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