Palm Rejection

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I am a die hard fan of onenote and really like syncing notes across all platform.

One main reason I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is for note taking in one note.


I am not sure if this issue occur to others, when I use one note with the S Pen (stylus), palm rejection doesn't work and I keep accidentally zooming or panning the page every 10 seconds. This has made it impractical for note taking.


Is having a toggle in the menu bar to ignore/resume finger input on drawing canvas a possible solution?




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Hi @Amrita Rout, Just tested the ios version of onenote in store, it appears to have specific settings for palm rejection and digitizer input only. I know android may be in a different language, is it possible to translate and port some of the palm rejection code to android one note? Please help me to stay with android onenote. Thanks