OneNote Sync Which Rules my OneNote client/local content or Sync-to location?

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Many of my OneNote notebooks are syncing to a SharePoint content database.  The SharePoint content database was corrupted and had to be restored to SIX months prior.  Before the restore was completed the SharePoint environment was offline for a period of time. I was using the notebooks while SharePoint was offline.


Subsequently when SharePoint came back online,  I opened my notebooks and it appears all the content that I had created after the SharePoint restore point was lost.   

The content created after the restore point was present in my Notebooks while SharePoint was offline.  When SharePoint came back online that content appears to be gone. 


I was expecting the content in my note books newer than the SharePoint content database restore date to be saved and "sent to SharePoint".   Most of this content was created after the restore date and existed in the SharePoint content database before that was corrupted and overwritten with the older version.


What am I missing?
What are the OneNote rules for syncing content?  


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