Announcing LAMBDA: Custom functions without code


Hello Office Insiders,


Chris Gross, a PM on the Excel team, is excited to announce a new function in Excel: LAMBDA. In our latest blog post, he gives you a detailed rundown of this new function and shows how you can take a formula and turn it into your own named custom function. 




Learn more about the LAMBDA function>




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3 Replies
what version of Office 365 has the LAMBDA function? I've currently updated to 16.0.13530.20000. , but I'm getting a ?NAME# error when I try to use it.

Hello @DesigningKnights,


The feature is available on version 2012 Build 13519.20000 or higher. Currently the feature is only available to a portion of Insiders right now but we look to expand the availability later down the road. 




@Evan_Bolin What's the current status on availability?

If it is still restricted set of Insiders, how do I get into the inner circle?