Mail flow conditions for O365 Groups

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Scenario = Support center:


  • 100 customers with know email addresses
  • Support Group with 3 Technicians (O365 Group)
  • 100 customers are divided into 3 Support technicians



  1. Hard to differentiate emails from customers, every time technicians search with sender emails to see their customer emails
  2. O365 groups mixes between Read/Unread emails when you switch from O365 Group to mailbox and other folders, hence all messages are considered as Read and Technicians can't see what messages are already Read
  3. If technicians click Follow in Inbox then all messages (regardless of whose customer is this) are copied to Technician's mailbox which again messes up


Requirement for technicians:

  • Technicians to get a copy of emails in their Inbox ONLY for customers assigned to them leaving a copy in Group


I tried to capture this from mail flow rules but doesn't work... example below.


If the message...
Includes these words in the recipient's address
and Is received from

Do the following...
Set audit severity level to 'Do not audit'
and Add the following recipients to the To box:


pls help.


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One thing to try is to make sure the "match sender address" option is set to both header and envelope. You can also change the first condition to "recipient is" and point to the Group object. And also, set any severity level on the rule(s), so you can actually track them later and see whether they did take any actions.


It doesn't look like a mail rule will address all your complaints for this scenario however, perhaps you should consider using a good old shared mailbox instead.