table class for Powerpoint API

table class for Powerpoint API



 Sep 22 2022
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for the most of my previously implemented VBA projects in PowerPoint, it was necessary to do text replacements. My customers are demanding more and more cloud-enabled solutions. For this and many other reasons, I would like to work with Office Add-Ins.

The shape class was included with the API 1.4 and text replacements can thus be carried out in shapes. But if the text is contained in a Powerpoint table, the text cannot be accessed, because the table class is not yet supported.

--> Please prioritize the incorporation of the table class into the PowerPoint API :smile:


Regards, Benedikt

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Commenting to upvote. This would definitely be useful.

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We also have a VSTO add-in and this limitation from the Office JS API makes it difficult to migrate to the new framework although our customers would really like to start using the cloud solution