Will my OneNote data disappear when I graduate from University?

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Hi, I am currently a university student using a school email to log in to OneDrive.


I use the school's email account OneDrive to store all my OneNote data (lecture notes, tutorials, inserted PDFs, etc.) and was wondering if after I graduate, and my school terminates the OneDrive account, would I still be able to access these notes?


IF not, would there be any way for me to transfer these data to another account? (or even download whatever I have stored in my lecture notes)


Thank you.

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@qs1997You will need to speak to the schools IT department to determine their policies but most organisations will delete user accounts a set period of time after that user has left and your login details will probably be removed earlier than that.


You can copy the data to your own personal OneNote. Create a free Microsoft account from here and create a new Notebook. I would then copy the school notes into this new location. Note that you can only copy pages at a time via copy + paste, you can't move a whole section.