Print to OneNote is no longer working after last Office update

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Print to OneNote is no longer working after last Office update.  We are on the Monthly O365 release.  This seems to be an issue with all our updated machines which are Windows 10.  Running the Office repair dones not work to get this feature back.  Any suggestions.  We are doing a big paperless push so this is a really bad time to lose this feature.


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More info on this issue:  In Outlook we are getting a NEW but not better send to OneNote experience when clicking the button on the ribbon.  In OneNote Insert Printout give an error saying the print driver is not installed and to run a repair on office which does not work and in Office desktop client apps Print to OneNote is not an option since there is NO OneDrive print driver.

This version in the attached picture has fixed the problem for me.  I am still confirming with other users.updated version office.JPG

Christine, I had a similar experience where the print to onenote 2016 "printer" disappeared on Windows 10 1703 and 1709 computers. Solved by installed the Windows Store app "Send to OneNote" by Microsoft. I hope that works for you. -N