OneNote Will Not Show Notebook Contents Locally

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I opened up OneNote today and see "There are no sections open in this notebook...."   I can see the file in the online version, and have even been able to point the desktop version to OneDrive and opened the file directly, but the message still remains.  


I've had this before with OneNote.  I am using an old version.  Still contentedly on office 2010



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Well...I've tried clearing the cache, deleting settings, and opening the clearly existent file into OneNote desktop and the thing just refuses to play along and show me my data, that I have collected over several years.   


I hope that someone has a solution or I'm just going to have to copy all of it out of the online version and put it who knows where.  It's done this before but was resolved fairly quickly. 


Very frustrating when an app you like just up and bites you.  Like what did I ever do to it???