Office ProPlus not importing default Outlook profile

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I'm doing an Office ProPlus deployment right now using version 16.0.8201.2200 - network deployment using the config.xml file, etc. I'm using the Offscrub_14.vbs script to uninstall Office 2010 prior to running the ProPlus installation, and so far all of this is working as expected.


I'm running into a weird issue, though, where Outlook 2016 is recreating the Outlook profile, and not simply carrying over the default (existing) 2010 profile. I'm pretty sure that I've done this before without running into this problem, although it's possible that I just missed it...


Has anyone seen this before? Is this default behavior, or am I doing something wrong here? I've also tried doing side-by-side installs of ProPlus with 2010, and I still end up with two email profiles: 1 on 2010, and 1 on 2016.

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Hi Jeremy


I would expect the profile to be carried over to new Outlook version, what version of OS you running? Can you test against any other OS? 


Andrew J. Price

This is Windows 7 -  I don't have any other OS in this scenario to test with, anything Windows 10 already has Office ProPlus. But I agree with you, I definitely had expected the profile to carry over to the new version, but that is definitely not the case!