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This may be an inappropriate post as I am not a user of Office.

for those with a long memory of other platforms I have a document, now well over 100k words, that started life on the BBC micro and has progress through various apps and is now in Apple's Pages. I don't want to change apps, as frankly for one document I can't justify the time it would take to learn, or the cost.

One of the many shortcomings of Pages is that you can have footnotes or endnotes, but not both.

Having saved my Pages file as .docx a friend has opened it in Office to check that it is possible to change the type of a note in an existing document  and it is. This is a relief as I had found found that Pages flags notes in such a way that in OpenOffice and LibreOffice, on which I tested them seems to 'respect' Apple's one-or-the-other rule.

A friend has opened the file in Office and moved one note to the end, without affecting the others: so far so good. However, the footnotes are about 3cm up from the bottom of the text area, even if they are only a single line. Is this adjustable in Office?

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