'End appointments and meetings early' feature now broken in Office Cloud Policy Service

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Originally the option to in Outlook to 'End appointments and meetings early' was a simple on/off option and was reflected in the registry with a DWORD 'endeventsearly' in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\Calendar


Now a recent update now allows users to select 'End early' or 'Start Late' and the DWORD has been replaced with String Value ShortenEvents that can have the value 'End_Early', 'Start_Late', or 'None'.


However the Office Cloud Policy Service still only shows the previous settings which applies only the DWORD which now has no effect.  Can you please update the Office Policy Service to reflect the new setting in Outlook so we can push this out to our users?




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@Sreekanth_Chityala This has worked fine, we only want to set it once for users, they can change afterwards, hence a locked down GPO would not work.
We deployed to all users with .reg file via SCCM.





@Claytonlopes did you ever figure this out? we're running into the same issue.