Announcing Azure Event Hubs Premium – Public Preview
Published May 25 2021 10:00 AM 6,216 Views

Today, businesses require big data streaming platforms and event ingestion services that can process millions of events per second to build dynamic data pipelines and immediately respond to business challenges. Azure Event Hubs, a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service, is designed to serve demanding big data streaming and event ingestion needs.


Azure Event Hubs Premium

Today, we are announcing the public preview of Azure Event Hubs Premium, a new product SKU that is tailor-made for high-end event streaming scenarios which require elastic, superior performance with predictable latency.

Azure Event Hubs premium comes with reserved compute, memory, and storage resources, which increases the performance and minimize cross-tenant interference in a managed multi-tenant PaaS environment. Event Hubs premium introduces a brand-new log storage engine that drastically improves the data ingress performance and substantially reduce the end-to-end latency. On top of all the capabilities and protocol support of the Event Hubs Standard offering, Event Hubs Premium offers far more generous quota allocations.


Why Premium?

Here are some of the key compelling benefits of Event Hubs Premium SKU.


Superior performance with the new two-tier storage engine

Event Hubs premium uses a new, two-tier, native-code log engine that provides far more predictable and much lower send and end-to-end latencies than the prior generation, without any durability compromises. This enables you to ingest and processes large volumes of events and data with high throughput, low latency, and high reliability (events are triple replicated across Azure availability zones).  


Better isolation and predictability

With Event Hubs premium you get reserved compute, memory, and storage resources for each tenant to achieve more predictable latency and far reduced cross-tenant interference risk in a multi-tenant PaaS environment.


Scalability and Cost Savings

As Event Hubs Premium is a multitenant offering, it can dynamically scale more flexibly and very quickly. Capacity of Event Hubs Premium tier is allocated in Processing Units which correspond to a share of isolated resources (CPU, Memory, and Storage) in the underlying infrastructure. Therefore, there are no throttling limits applied for your data ingestion scenarios and you can stream events up to the maximum level that the allocated processing units can handle (which can depend on multiple factors such as number of producers and consumers, payload size, partition count, and many more).

Events Hubs premium can bring you cost savings for certain use cases where you don’t need the power of a single tenant dedicated Event Hubs cluster, but you need to handle data streaming workloads that are beyond the limits of the standard tier.


Benefits compared to Standard and Dedicated SKUs

Event Hubs Premium SKU is suitable for streaming use cases that require more throughput, isolation, and predictability than Standard SKU, while you don’t need a dedicated single tenant cluster which is intended for most demanding streaming needs at a higher price point.

If your data streaming use case needs very high number of throughput units of the standard SKU, then EventHub premium may offer better performance, minimal cross-tenant interference, more generous quota allocations and additional features for the same cost.

If the use case does not need the power of a dedicated single tenant cluster, compared to the Dedicated SKU, Event Hubs Premium can provide benefits such as dynamic scaling and the same reliability support (premium namespaces support AZs without the need to allocate extra capacity.)


Get Started Today

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