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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 160 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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52SubscriptionLite: 52SubscriptionLite is an easy, intuitive way to manage subscription solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This application is only available in Danish.

ABC Analysis.png

ABC Analysis: This solution from Dhyey Consulting Services is a complete solution for ABC inventory analysis with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. ABC Analysis is a common strategy which ranks items based on three models: revenue, gross profit, and inventory value.

Attachment Preview.png

Attachment Preview: This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you preview attached files without downloading them. Previews are shown larger on a separate page or in a smaller “factbox” view. Multiple file types are supported, and the extension is available in Estonian and English.


AutoBoard365: This comprehensive on- and offboarding portal from Innovative365 is designed to streamline the employee enrollment and termination process for HR staff. The portal also enables HR to initiate and track background checks and set up accounts for company systems and software.

Bartender Report Pack.png

BarTender Report Pack: This report pack enables frequently used BarTender integrations used by production companies and prints barcode labels through the BarTender service. This pack is available Belgium and Slovakia.

BC Insight - Finance.png

BC Insight - Finance: Harness the potential of your financial data and transform it into actionable intelligence with BC Insight. It provides a comprehensive view of your finances and budgets, giving you a holistic perspective of your finances through standard finance ratios.


b-print: Available in German, b-print lets you print reports from the cloud to your local printer. This automated printing solution lets you store individual printer settings for each user and even print documents and reports on other users’ printers.

BrickBank Platform Hub.png

BrickBank Platform Hub: Available in Brazil, this platform from Finansystech is a complete solution for financial institutions seeking to remain in the Open Finance ecosystem through intelligent modules that enable autonomous generation of new business.

Bulk Set Capacity.png

Bulk Set Capacity: Use this app from Global Mediator to simplify the process of updating the capacity of multiple resources. With Bulk Set Capacity, users can avoid manually setting or updating capacity for each individual resource and can set capacity for multiple resources simultaneously instead. No-Code JavaScript Alternative for PowerApps.png No-Code JavaScript Alternative for Power Apps: With, you can add complex logic in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and model driven applications in just a few minutes, without having to learn JavaScript. Use it to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve your business goals like never before.


Callbix: Callbix call assistant from HQuadro handles calls you can’t answer because you’re on another call or otherwise busy. It sends a customizable landing page via SMS text to collect the caller’s contact information as well as the reason for their call.

Cash Flow by Currency.png

Cash Flow by Currency: Elevate your financial management capabilities with the Cash Flow by Currency extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It enhances the standard Cash Flow Forecasts functionality so you can effortlessly generate financial reports based on multiple currencies.

Colect itSuitsFashion 365 Integration.png

Colect itSuitsFashion 365 Integration: Available in The Netherlands and Belgium, this integration links Colect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ItSuitsFashion 365, providing a powerful sales and inventory tool for fashion wholesalers and distributors.

Collaborate 360 Solution.png

Collaborate 360 Solution: Collaborate 360 Solution lets employees work together effectively on a board where they can easily share and access best practices and compliance-related documents. This solution includes an employee wellness module and an executive dashboard with performance metrics.

Consumer Market and Lead Prospecting Tool.png

Consumer Market and Lead Prospecting Tool: Available in Brazil, this tool build on Microsoft Power BI provides a detailed and comprehensive market view. Leveraging a vast data set, it provides essential information about companies, activities, demographics, and other relevant details.

COSSERP Palletization and Shipping.png

COSSERP Palletization and Shipping: Use COSSERP to streamline the shipping process with a unique number series for box and pallet IDs, then tie them directly to sales orders, or create pallets and shipments are prepped. Use the app either on your computer or an Android device.

Data Mask.png

Data Mask Tool for Dataverse: Data Mask is a powerful tool designed to bolster sandbox environment security by replacing sensitive data with dummy information. It uses masking, anonymization, and obfuscation to ensure confidential data is safeguarded during development, testing, and training.

Divalto weavy Analytics for Sales and Services Managers.png

Divalto weavy Analytics for Sales and Services Managers: Available in French, this template application includes a sales dashboard and another for service. These dashboards provide metrics, histograms, and maps to track sales staff and technicians’ activity, with fully interactive visuals.

Dual Unit of Measure for Close Documents.png

Dual Unit of Measure for Close Documents: Some industries such as food, leather, metal, and paper require item management using dual units of measure like pieces/kg or pieces/carat. This app from EOS Solutions lets you input quantities for a secondary unit in sales, purchase, and inventory processes.


EdTech365: Educational fee structures encompass fee components at the university and program levels. With EdTech365, you can effectively manage fee structure while supporting transparency, facilitating financial planning, and enabling efficient fee collection processes.

Email Marketing Platform.png

Email Marketing Platform: This comprehensive suite of tools from Tittu unlocks the power of personalization and maximizes the effectiveness of conversations. With targeted and personalized messaging, you can build relationships, increase brand awareness, and expand your customer base.

ERP Cloud.png

ERP Cloud: This solution for corrugated box manufacturing companies streamlines inventory management and efficiently handles raw materials as well as finished goods, ensuring optimal inventory control while enhancing overall operational efficiency.

etagis Connector.png

etagis Connector: This interactive production planning and control solution connects etagis with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Small and medium-sized companies will find it’s an affordable optimization option for order processing when planning production against limited capacity. - Compliance Academy.png - Compliance Academy: Available in Brazil, Compliance Academy uses quizzes, games, videos, audio, infographics, practical examples, and interactive scenarios to educate employees about their daily work life and how to make ethical decisions. - Leadership Academy.png - Leadership Academy: Available in Brazil, Leadership Academy offers a diverse set of courses to empower leaders, covering topics such as strategic leadership, emotional intelligence, ethical decision making, team management, and conflict resolution.

Eyna Detailed Inventory.png

Eyna Detailed Inventory: This extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a complete and centralized view of your inventory in a single table with real-time updates. View inventory broken down by warehouse, zone, location, and item tracking details like lot, serial, and package number.

HB Real Estate 365 (Netherlands).png

HB Real Estate 365 (Netherlands): HB Real Estate 365 gives project developers insight into product phases, assignments, realization versus budget, and forecasting. It’s a complete solution from planning to invoicing. This application is only available in Dutch.

Integration Manager itSuitsFashion 365 connector.png

Integration Manager itSuitsFashion 365 Connector: If you use itSuitsFashion 365 as well as Integration Manager, you can seamlessly integrate them with this connector from itSuitsFashion. This application is only supported in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Intercompany App.png

Intercompany App: Intercompany App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from SucceedIT enables centralized processing and management of transactions between different companies, streamlining and enhancing business process efficiency. This app is available in English and Dutch.

Job Work Management.png

Job Work Management: When treating or processing materials belonging to another manufacturer or customer, the job worker must monitor and control movement of those materials. This application provides control over inward material movement, creates work orders, and maintains inventory.

John Deere DBS 365.png

John Deere DBS 365: This fully integrated ERP solution for machine trading and service is specifically designed for John Deere dealers. It supports several interfaces to keep information synchronized with John Deere and automatically exports, imports, and processes John Deere documents.


MiClient: MiClient sales platform lets business owners and sales leaders automate and manage their entire sales cycle, from lead and quote management to closing the deal. Communicate with customers in its virtual deal room and manage every version of your quotes in one centralized place.

MIPA - Managing Your Tasks.png

MIPA - Managing Your Tasks: MIPA is a personal assistant in Microsoft Teams and Outlook that helps you structure your daily work. See your tasks in a priority matrix and MIPA will help you eliminate unnecessary tasks and determine which ones are important, not important, urgent, and not urgent.

NG-ActiveEdge Redefining Employee Health and Wellness.png

NG-ActiveEdge: Redefining Employee Health and Wellness: Enhance employee well-being and productivity with this application from Noveracion Global. Employees can earn points for completing activities in a holistic wellness hub, and you can offer exciting incentives for points redeemed.

No Invoicing.png

No Invoicing: No Invoicing by NuBeTech is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows you to turn off invoicing for selected documents. It’s available in English and Italian and supported in all countries where Business Central is available.

Ombea Experience Management Online.png

OMBEA Experience Management Online: Powered by a continuous stream of local customer feedback at every touchpoint, OMBEA captures customer sentiment and provides actionable tasks to help you improve customer experience. Review its quick feedback readings or dive deep into customized reports.

Paid Social Media Overview Report.png

Paid Social Media Overview Report: If you need to connect marketing metrics and performance data from ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, this dashboard from can show it all in Microsoft Power BI in just two steps.

Powerblox Collective Invoicing.png

Powerblox Collective Invoicing: With Powerblox Collective Invoicing, you can group your invoices by order, shipment, delivery address, construction site, or globally. The invoice process will become simplified as Powerblox proposes new invoices based on all delivered items.

Powerblox Complaint Management.png

Powerblox Complaint Management: Manage complaints and nonconformities withing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Powerblox Complaint Management. Every employee can register the effort spent resolving a complaint, and all material and effort costs can be tracked.

Powerblox EDI.png

Powerblox EDI: Powerblox EDI (electronic data interchange) enables the full automation of all transactions with your business partners. With manual entry no longer required, you’ll enjoy high efficiency and a decreased chance of errors, no matter how complex the requirements.

Powerblox Surcharge Automation.png

Powerblox Surcharge Automation: If your trade or wholesale company has trouble tracking different surcharges and you want to bill supplements to customers when buying certain items, Powerblox Surcharge Automation provides all the necessary tools. It’s available in Dutch, English, and French.

Professional Service Operations.png

Professional Service Operations: This app from Cegeka integrates your manufacturing job planning lines with purchase orders, production orders, sales order, and transfer orders, and provides an overview of inventory from job, task, and planning lines.


QE Facturae-QE DocumentLink: Available in Spanish, QE Facturae is an electronic invoicing system designed to integrate with other business solutions and facilitate issuing, sending, and managing electronic invoices in accordance with tax authority standards.

Smart Blog AI Automated Content Creation and Translation Solution.png

Smart Blog AI: Automated Content Creation and Translation Solution: Smart Blog is an AI-powered tool for automated blog writing, translation into over 75 languages, and SEO optimization. It’s ideal for content marketers, bloggers, and businesses needing high-quality content to expand their reach.


TeamDirectory: This advanced staffing directory tool from TeamImprover integrates with Microsoft 365 and lets you navigate through your entire organization with ease. Filter by department, country, or city and locate team members quickly, improving collaboration and team cohesion.

Text(SMS) messaging for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.png

Text (SMS) Messaging for Dynamics 365 Customer Service: This solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service keeps customers informed with text message updates. You can even schedule and send bulk messages to multiple contacts and groups with a few simple steps.

Touchcast Ciscape.png

Touchcast Ciscape: Ciscape is an AI-powered generative web publishing platform that dynamically transforms your website into an immersive personalized experience using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure OpenAI Service. Use it to create rich interactive content tailored to each visitor.

Whatsapp Automation Platform.png

WhatsApp Automation Platform: Whether you’re a customer-centric e-commerce business or a dynamic service provider, WhatsApp Automation Platform can address your communication pain points with chatbots, automated message flows, and seamless integration capabilities.

Wise BC Sales Insights.png

Wise BC Sales Insights: This app for Microsoft Power BI supercharges your sales reporting so you can focus on operations. It provides the sales overview you need, with common ratios and key performance indicators (KPIs), and key analytics like ABC analysis, margin analysis, decomposition tree, and more.

Without Inventory.png

Without Inventory: The Without Inventory app is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that posts sales shipment and purchase receipt data without having to write to the item ledger entry and value entry tables. This app is available in English and Italian.

Wrike For Dynamics.png

Wrike For Dynamics: This integration for the Wrike project management tool and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will let you manage tasks within Dynamics CRM. Collaboration between sales and other customer-facing teams will become easier with its full visibility into work being done for clients.

Xoxoday Compass.png

Xoxoday Compass: This enterprise-grade commission management software from Empuls automates the commission process, communicates compensation in real time, and provides actionable insights to make accurate, on-time payouts to keep your sales team motivated.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Cloud for Non-Profit Data Migration Assessment.png

Cloud for Nonprofit Data Migration Assessment: Starting with a 90-minute discovery call to review existing data sources, Soapbox Engage will help you determine what your organization needs to be prepared to migrate data from your current system to Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement.

CMMC Strategy and Execution Roadmap for Microsoft 365.png

CMMC Strategy and Execution Roadmap for Microsoft 365: TechAxia provides an end-to-end overview of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance program and will work with you to determine your CMMC status and address your immediate needs in the CMMC lifecycle.

Deploy Teams Rooms 2-Day Workshop.png

Deploy Teams Rooms: 2-Day Workshop: After an assessment of your meeting spaces, BayCom Communications will deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms and recommend remediations so room and remote participants can be fully engaged with each other. This offer is available in New Zealand.

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft 365 Integration 4- to 7-week Implementation.png

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft 365 Integration: 4- to 7-week Implementation: Specializing in the event management industry, Atteli’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation services help businesses maximize the capabilities of components like Microsoft Teams and Forms.

Exchange Online Migration 6-Week Deployment.png

Exchange Online Migration: 6-Week Deployment: Once Cyclotron deploys Microsoft Exchange Online, your employees can access their email and collaborate on shared mailboxes, calendars, and global address lists using Outlook on the desktop or the web, as well as the Outlook mobile app.

First Datacorp Microsoft 365 Migration.png

First Datacorp Microsoft 365 Migration: Relying on extensive consulting experience, First Datacorp will guide you through the migration process so you can take advantage of web-enabled access to all your documents, email, contacts, and calendars using Microsoft 365.

FTG Universal Support.png

FTG Universal Support: This universal support plan from BUI offers comprehensive support and consulting services for all the Microsoft products you use, as well as networking, voice, and security services. It includes proactive support from the highest priority queue available for critical situations.

Hybrid Working Professional Consulting Using Viva Insights.png

Hybrid Working: Professional Consulting Using Viva Insights: British Telecommunications provides hybrid work consulting, reinforced with meaningful insights from Microsoft Viva, providing a clear strategy and guidance for optimizing your flexible work approach. This offer is available in the United Kingdom.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services 4-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft 365 Migration Services: 4-Week Implementation: Communication Square will help you migrate to Microsoft 365 so you can enjoy the benefits of a secure, scalable, productive workspace that enhances collaboration and creativity.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing 12-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing: 12-Week Implementation: Soapbox Engage will help you accomplish your fundraising goals with external marketing and outreach by implementing Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing as well as proprietary applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Rapid Deployment.png

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Rapid Deployment: Compusoft advisors will help you deploy a single, comprehensive solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID and Credivera 3-Day Planning Workshop.png

Microsoft Entra Verified ID and Credivera: 3-Day Planning Workshop: Verifiable credentials help securely and efficiently onboard seasonal employees with certification requirements. This workshop from Oxford Computer Group will help you accomplish this with Credivera and Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

Microsoft Project Online Implementation.png

Microsoft Project Online Implementation: Innovative-e transforms work and project management into a competitive advantage with a Microsoft Project Online, a cloud-based, modern collaboration toolset that engages your whole team in core objectives.

Microsoft Teams Phone System 2-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Teams Phone System: 2-Week Implementation: IT Partner will help you deploy and configure Microsoft Teams Phone to replace your existing PBX system. Teams Phone is feature rich and will integrate tightly into your organization’s cloud experience.

Microsoft Windows 365 and Windows 11 Accelerator.png

Microsoft Windows 365 and Windows 11 Accelerator: For customers seeking a new remote desktop solution, Softcat can introduce Windows 365 and provide workshop-led demonstrations. Softcat can also provide consultation if the new solution requires a hardware refresh.

New Employee 5-Day Onboarding with Approvals and Notifications.png

New Employee: 5-Day Onboarding with Approvals and Notifications: IT Partner will develop a solution to greatly simplify onboarding for new employees in your organization and delegate that process to authorized users without giving them Microsoft 365 global administrator rights.

NTT Americas - Microsoft 365 Migration Services.png

NTT Americas - Microsoft 365 Migration Services: NTT Americas will perform a comprehensive review of your production environment and business needs as well as a gap analysis before performing a test migration and ultimately conducting a full migration to Microsoft 365 for your organization.

Onesec Identity Governance Lifecycle Assessment.png

Onesec Identity Governance Lifecycle Assessment: Onesec will identify deficiencies and current risks in the assignment of roles and permissions in your organization through analysis of assignments and access logs and design a custom role structure so you can create a zero-trust environment.

Passwordless Authentication with Microsoft 365 3-Week Implementation.png

Passwordless Authentication with Microsoft 365: 3-Week Implementation: KiZAN Technologies will help transform your organization’s security landscape with passwordless authentication in Microsoft 365, protecting you from the risk of unauthorized access caused by simple passwords and leaked credentials.

Predictive Maintence for Dynamics 365.png

Predictive Maintenance for Dynamics 365: Retcon Sp. z o.o. will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in conjunction with industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors and apply advanced data analytics algorithms to predict material failures and plan predictive maintenance.

Process Automation Using Built-in Microsoft 365 Tools and Services 5-Day Implementation.png

Process Automation Using Built-in Microsoft 365 Tools and Services: 5-Day Implementation: IT Partner will show you how business process automation (BPA) can transform your operations by eliminating time consuming, repetitive manual tasks, generating automated reports, and more.

Process Digitization with Power Platform and Microsoft 365 1-Day Workshop.png

Process Digitization with Power Platform and Microsoft 365: 1-Day Workshop: Available in Germany, this workshop from AppSphere will demonstrate how process digitization has a lasting effect. The aim is to digitally map analog processes to allow implementation of flexible workflow functionality.

Protecting Corporate Identities with Microsoft 365 5-Week Implementation.png

Protecting Corporate Identities with Microsoft 365: 5-Week Implementation: KiZAN Technologies will assess your Microsoft 365 identity security posture and fortify defenses when accessing critical services like Microsoft Exchange, Team, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.

Secure and Improve Windows 10 and 11 with Windows 365 3-Day Workshop.png

Secure and Improve Windows 10 and 11 with Windows 365: 3-Day Workshop: Within your environment, Agile IT will provision, manage, and secure your Windows 365 Cloud PCs running windows 11 using Microsoft Intune, focusing on cloud-only management for the selected users.

Strategic Roadmap for Microsoft 365 1-Week Implementation.png

Strategic Roadmap for Microsoft 365: 1-Week Implementation: Get a clear plan for your Microsoft 365 migration with MOQdigital. This strategic roadmap engagement will help you plan your successful migration deployment with a comprehensive report detailing your next steps.

Teamwork Transformation Leveraging Infosys Migration Factory.png

Teamwork Transformation Leveraging Infosys Migration Factory: The Infosys Workplace Suite (IWS) Migration Factory is a proven solution that automates and enables teamwork transformation to help you accelerate cloud modernization or consolidation, from assessment to migration and adoption.

Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Project Operations.png

Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Project Operations: proMX will help you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations before Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation goes end-of-life at the end of September 2024.

Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Project Operations.png

Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Project Operations (German): proMX will help you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations before Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation goes end-of-life at the end of September 2024.

Valcon Data Literacy 1-Day Workshop.png

Valcon Data Literacy: 1-Day Workshop: This interactive workshop from Valcon will help you build a program to give all employees in your organization a good foundational understanding of what data is and why it’s important, as well as how it impacts automation and Microsoft Azure implementation.

Viva Connections with Corporate Documents.png

Viva Connections with Corporate Documents: Brennan IT will review your current Microsoft SharePoint site and work with you to define a dashboard using Microsoft Viva, then build, configure, and pilot Viva Connections and train your documentation administrators and owners.

Viva Connections, Insights, and Topics 4-Week Implementation.png

Viva Connections, Insights, and Topics: 4-Week Implementation: RSM brings the power of Microsoft Viva Engage, SharePoint, and Stream to the forefront of the employee experience with Microsoft Viva Connections. It provides a personalized, branded gateway for internal communication with employees.

Viva Engage 4-Week Implementation.png

Viva Engage: 4-Week Implementation: With Microsoft Viva Engage, RSM can help your organization build community, spark engagement with leadership, harness knowledge, and build personal networks at work. Engage provides a centralized social hub for connecting, sharing knowledge, events, and more.

Viva Goals 4-Week Implementation.png

Viva Goals: 4-Week Implementation: RSM can implement Microsoft Viva Goals to help individuals and teams in your organization set, track, and achieve goals through objectives and key results (OKRs). Goals is a centralized hub for goal setting, progress tracking, and performance management.

Viva Insights Adoption 4-Hour Workshop.png

Viva Insights Adoption: 4-Hour Workshop: OnSolution Services will introduce you to Microsoft Viva, an integrated employee experience platform built within Microsoft 365 and Teams. Learn how it supports connection, insight, purpose, and growth in your organization using your existing infrastructure.

Viva Learning 4-Week Implementation.png

Viva Learning: 4-Week Implementation: RSM will help your organization create a culture of continuous learning by providing a central hub for educational content and resources with Microsoft Viva Learning. It makes it easy for employees to discover, share, and learn from a variety of sources.

Viva Sales 4-Week Implementation.png

Viva Sales: 4-Week Implementation: RSM will work hard to understand your specific needs and implement Microsoft Viva Sales so your organization can stay productive while updating your customer relationship management (CRM) systems without time consuming manual data entry.

Windows 365 10-Day Proof of Concept.png

Windows 365: 10-Day Proof of Concept: This workshop from Globeteam will show you solutions Windows 365 can help solve, such as providing an updated platform for older business apps or providing external consulting with modern, secure, and managed Windows desktops virtually.

Zero Trust Defend Against Threats 7-Week Implementation.png

Zero Trust Defend Against Threats: 7-Week Implementation: KiZAN will help your organization deploy a Microsoft Zero Trust foundation for your Microsoft 365 tenant. This solution will help ensure you have appropriate controls in place, so users and devices are protected when using Microsoft 365.

Zero Trust Foundation 6-Week Implementation.png

Zero Trust Foundation: 6-Week Implementation: KiZAN will assist your organization with deployment of Microsoft Zero Trust for your Microsoft 365 tenant. Deliverables include phishing-resistant authentication for up to five highly privileged accounts and Intune configuration for mobile devices.

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