New on Azure Marketplace: November 1-4, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 100 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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MetroLink: Your Unified Communication Analytics API: MetroLink is a powerful analytics tool that seamlessly integrates with various communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco, to provide unified datasets for analysis. MetroLink by Metropolis Corp also integrates with Microsoft Power BI to deliver tailored reporting, advanced communication analytics, and proven KPIs, enabling you to make intuitive, data-driven decisions.
Soteria Inspect for Microsoft 365: This automated SaaS security posture management platform by Soteria provides comprehensive configuration scans and recommended changes for your Microsoft 365 environment. It helps identify areas of risk and misconfiguration with more than 200 points of inspection across various Microsoft tools. It also provides a guided onboarding process and Microsoft Entra ID integrated SSO for easy access.
Soteria Inspect for Microsoft 365 (Small Business): Designed for small businesses, Soteria Inspect for Microsoft 365 enables your organization to identify and mitigate areas of risks by providing comprehensive configuration scans of your Microsoft 365 environment. The platform offers a web UI, automated report delivery, and scheduled recurring scans to ensure your configuration changes are visible over time.
StackGuardian Cloud Orchestration Platform (Enterprise): StackGuardian's solution enables enterprises to simplify cost and security compliance, accelerate deployments, and reduce ticket backlogs. It offers a single interface for no-code cloud infrastructure orchestration, continuous compliance monitoring, reporting, and analytics. Use this platform to restore agility and reduce deployment wait time from weeks to hours.
StackGuardian Cloud Orchestration Platform (Pay As You Go): Unlike the Enterprise plan, which comes with a fixed pricing model, this pay-as-you-go version is based on the usage of consumed workflow runs and enables you to start without any commitment. StackGuardian's platform enforces cloud policies, enables proactive compliance, and offers a single interface for no-code cloud orchestration. The platform also includes a reference infrastructure library.

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Azure Arc Landing Zone: Nasstar will utilize Azure Arc to provide extended security updates for Windows Server 2012 R2 so you can access best practice blueprints to simplify governance, migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure, and management of your multi-cloud and on-premises platforms. Benefits include flexible billing, rapid deployment, and up to three years of security coverage.
Azure OpenAI Service Starter Set Plus: 4-Month Workshop: Available in Japanese, BIPROGY’s workshop will help you explore and leverage the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI to develop generative AI applications, drive growth, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. This cloud usage support service will also optimize a customer's usage environment for stability and scalability.
Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF): 3-Day Workshop: Accelerate your cloud adoption with confidence and let the experts from Cloud2 design a Microsoft Azure adoption roadmap based on the Microsoft CAF framework tailored to your business goals. The workshop will include assessing readiness, defining strategy, planning migration, implementing Azure landing zone, and optimizing your workloads.
Cloud Strategy Workshop: This transformation service helps businesses understand the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, accelerate Microsoft Azure cloud adoption, and maximize value. Experienced cloud experts from Cloud2 will assess your current IT landscape, design and implement a scalable, resilient, agile, and secure cloud architecture, and manage and optimize cloud resources. 
Custom Digital Solution: 5-Day Assessment: Talk Think Do's custom solution uses generative AI and cloud-native technology to support EdTech clients seeking to apply innovative learning methods in education. Tailored user experiences, adaptive assessments, and actionable analytics will be delivered using Microsoft services such as Azure Kubernetes, Azure OpenAI, and Azure Cognitive Search.
Dell Cloud Database with Analytics for Microsoft Azure: Implementation: This service from Dell will help customers extend their Microsoft Power BI reporting capabilities with Azure ML and Cosmos DB. The experts from Dell will set up Cosmos DB, integrate Power BI with Azure ML, build reports using Cosmos DB data, and create and consume Azure ML models. Benefits include improved data performance, faster insights, real-time dashboards, and reduced ETL pipeline complexity.
Dell Services for Microsoft Azure Arc-Enabled Kubernetes: Implementation: Dell's consulting service will help customers adopt Azure Arc to manage and configure Kubernetes clusters. The service provides subject matter expertise and on-the-job training opportunities to accelerate customer success. Dell’s team will collaborate with you to implement Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes within your environment.
DXC OpenAI Advisory Integration Service: Using a unique combination of design experience, human-centered AI development, and applied AI capabilities, DXC's service will help your organization integrate and operationalize Azure OpenAI to drive new levels of performance and customer service. Their team will develop security guardrails and integrate responsible AI practices to benefit your business and boost ROI.
Explore Generative AI: 1-Day Workshop: NCS’ workshop will guide enterprises to harness the power of generative AI using Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. The workshop includes readiness assessment, use case identification, and 30-day access to test the system as a proof of concept. NCS provides end-to-end expertise, market-ready AI solutions, a multi-disciplinary team, and tailored solutions.
Implement Generative AI: 3-Month Proof of Value: NCS will work with your business to design and implement a generative AI solution tailored to your specific needs. The solution can be deployed on-premises or on Microsoft Azure. This engagement includes an ideation workshop, solution design, agile implementation, performance evaluation, and tangible evidence of the value proposition.
Intelligent Document Processing and Analytics: Built on a foundation of Microsoft Azure services, Systech's offering will digitize, centralize, and automate data extraction from all your structured and unstructured data, facilitating easier data governance and analytics. It supports both starting and extending Azure journeys, offering a powerful blend of data management, processing, and analytics.
Managed Service: MDR for Microsoft Sentinel: Cegeka's MDR for Microsoft Sentinel is a managed service that uses advanced threat intelligence, threat hunting, and round-the-clock security monitoring to detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks. The service provides comprehensive detection and response based on the Microsoft Sentinel platform, with data ownership and insights provided through the Cegeka Security Observability dashboard.
Maximo ManagePlus: This managed service from IBM offers customizable MAS application upgrades, eliminates the need for in-house expertise, improves agility and productivity, enhances stability, and boosts cyber security. You can provision and operate your Maximo application suite as per your business needs, improve application and infrastructure patching cadence, and automate endpoint security configuration. 
SharePoint to Blob Storage Sync with Azure Logic App: This service from Lotus Beta Analytics simplifies data synchronization between Microsoft SharePoint Online and Azure Blob storage by leveraging Azure Logic Apps for automated workflows. It offers enhanced data management, a proof of concept, and increased efficiency for organizations seeking to streamline their data synchronization processes.
SmartbridgeGPT: 4-Week Proof of Concept: SmartbridgeGPT is a secure, private GPT solution accelerator built using Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive services. This conversational AI system for enterprise knowledge management can be customized for specialist training and onboarding with video and HR-related searches. Smartbridge’s proof of concept includes optional features such as user adoption analytics, user management controls, and single sign-on.
VMware Tanzu Managed Service (Usage Based) - ELA Alternative: Control your IT infrastructure, scale as needed, and cut costs by up to 50 percent with Evoila's VMware Tanzu service. You can transition from Capex to Opex with access to the entire VMware software stack and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure services. Evoila also offers an alternative to traditional VMware ELA for enterprises and large corporations.

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Ansible on Ubuntu22.04
Apache Subversion (SVN) on CentOS 7.9
Apache Web Server with MySQL on Windows Server 2019
Apache Web Server with MySQL on Windows Server 2022
Azure Data Migration/Modernization Assessment
Azure for Basic Tokiota Environment: Azure Virtual Network
Azure Sentinel for Modern SecOps: 4-Week Assessment
Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software (BYOL)
Cloud Endpoints Kickstarter
Cloud Modernization and Optimization
Cobweb Complete Business Intelligence: 5-Day Assessment
Continua Gas Solutions
Datazip - Fully Managed Modern Data Stack
DDMRP for Microsoft Dynamics
Debian 10 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Debian 11 with WeKan PM Server
Document.Online - API
Document.Online Sign Service
Electra Outage Management Solution (OMS)
Energy Management System
EventBuilder Solutions for Microsoft Teams/TLE Registration
Cogniware Facial Recognition Software
Azure Cost Optimization with FinOps: Workshop
Fully Managed Essential 8 Cybersecurity Service
Generation Management System
GeoIntelligence Services
Hoist AI
IBM Consulting Global Mainframe Application Modernization on Azure
Inbox Protect Email Security
LBAN Cybersecurity Awareness Platform
Linux Stream 8 Minimal
Linux Stream 8 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Linux Stream 8 with WeKan PM Server
MetaRouter CDI
monoAI Technology Consulting for Azure OpenAI
Neomia Pulse: Multi-Factor Authentication and User Behavior Analysis Platform
Nodefusion Cloud Backup
Ontinue ION Defender for Cloud Lighthouse
OpenVPN Server on Linux Stream 9
Oracle 8.7 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
PDF-2-FLOW B2G Edition NL
Postgres on Windows 2016
Postgres on Windows 2019
Postgres on Windows 2022
Presentation Engine Dashboard
Protectimus RADIUS 2FA Solution
Protectimus Roundcube 2FA Solution
Qflow Cloud
Reads: Quantify and Assess Sustainable Business Investments
Red Hat 8.2 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Red Hat 8.7 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Renewable Energy Management
Rippling to Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
Spectra DMS
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SUSE Ent. 15 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 Minimal
SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 Minimal
SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal Investigation Hub
Sync1 Systems LOS
Tangles API
Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server
Urban Strategy
VMware Tanzu CheckUp - Unlock Full Potential & Gain Insights
Voxo Insights
Wallaroo.AI Enterprise Edition
Worklogs Sync to Tempo
WTW - Climate Diagnostic
XCELIT Pentesting for Azure: Assessment
XCELIT - Managed Service for Microsoft Sentinel


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