Customer review: Abnormal Security helps protect our environment with next-gen email security
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Abnormal Security, an app available in Azure Marketplace, uses advanced artificial intelligence detection techniques to stop targeted phishing attacks. The cloud-native email security platform protects enterprises by detecting anomalous behavior and developing a deep understanding of people, relationships, and business context. Abnormal Security is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

Azure Marketplace interviewed Ben S., an IT director in the manufacturing sector, to learn what he had to say about the product.


What do you like best about Abnormal Security?
Abnormal Security stood out to us as a nuanced and unique way to approach the idea of business email compromise. Through their behavioral engine, they would build out personas for what is normal and expected interaction for your employee base, and through that identification, they would classify what is abnormal activity. And they carry that forward from your internal personnel to the vendor base that you contact and interact with.


It does a really great job of providing reporting both at a high level and then down to the granular details. So there's a handful of dashboards that help to show attack trends and attack types, whether it be credential phishing, malware scam, or social engineering. Any of those types of categories it's able to represent both in percentage and count. It's also able to show attacker origin. And then the other piece that I think is incredibly helpful is that, for the emails it does remediate or take action on, it doesn't just do that blindly. It actually takes that email message and is able to highlight the pieces that caused its threat score to be elevated so that you, as a security analyst or a support individual, can go through and understand what it is you're looking at and know why something would be considered a threat or malicious.


How has the product helped your organization?
We saw a lot of banking impersonation and, in some cases, internal invoice impersonation taking place. We were receiving pretty legitimate-looking invoices from known vendors. But they were coming from different email servers. There were also instances where the external contact had been compromised and the invoice had banking information changes to it, trying to get us to wire funds to an attacker's bank account. Abnormal had a great proof of concept that they were able to walk us through. From the time we turned it on, we saw immediate results from that. The solution integrates with our Exchange Online environment and doesn't sit in line like a traditional secure email gateway type of solution. It sits next to it and maintains that same visibility. So if an attack is identified after the fact, it's still connected to the point where it's able to then do post-remediation and pull those delivered messages out from mailboxes.


Another useful feature is the abuse mailbox. It's a function that allows us in IT support to leverage some email client toolbar applications for employees to be able to submit suspect messages. Previously that was a manual effort by our security team, where that would become a helpdesk ticket item that then would require hands-on analysis by someone on my team.


How are customer service and support?
Customer service has been great. When we reached out and started to engage with them on the proof of concept, they were tremendous in helping to get the platform configured. And then that carried forward to when we were customers as we were getting more and more familiar with the platform and asking questions, primarily around why certain emails were classified the way they were. Those were all easy-to-open cases where we got connected with dedicated support personnel. They configured this solution for us so that we have some flexibility in some different classifications, most notably the ability for us to maintain our VIP list of people that potentially are at higher risk, or that we want additional scrutiny around because of approval power.


Any recommendations to other users considering this product?
I think the biggest thing in the security space is there are a ton of different solutions and platforms trying to address similar issues. It's important, when you're looking for a solution, to understand what you're looking to address. Financial loss, for us, was one of the biggest drivers, and in the evaluations we did, Abnormal showed the best capabilities to help address that risk.


What is your overall rating for this product?
5 out of 5 stars.


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