Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 49
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 100 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AppRobotic Personal - Automation and Macro Recorder.png

AppRobotic Personal - Automation & Macro Recorder: Automate any Windows desktop or web browser app with this solution from AppMint Inc. AppRobotic Personal makes it easy to distill macro automation into three simple steps.

AppRobotic RPA Robotic Process Automation and Macros.png

AppRobotic RPA Robotic Process Automation & Macros: Automate any Windows desktop or web browser app with AppRobotic's robotic process automation (RPA). AppRobotic's enterprise-grade RPA quickly and easily automates repetitive daily tasks.

Bayware Multicloud Service Mesh.png

Bayware Multicloud Service Mesh: Bayware brings DevOps agility to cloud networking through a service mesh software platform that provides secure interconnectivity between application microservices on any Linux infrastructure.

ChartMuseum Container Image.png

ChartMuseum Container Image: ChartMuseum is an open-source Helm Chart Repository server that's easy to deploy.

Consul Exporter Container Image.png

Consul Exporter Container Image: Export Consul service health to Prometheus with Consul Exporter. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Couchbase Server Community Edition on Ubuntu.png

Couchbase Server Community Edition (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Couchbase Server stack is a pre-configured, ready-to-run image for Couchbase Server Community 6.0.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. Couchbase Server is a non-relational database with fast read and write operations.

Enterprise Operations Console.png Enterprise Operations Console: The Enterprise Operations Console from SolarWinds delivers a consolidated command center for unified visibility into many remote Orion Platform instances deployed throughout your geographically distributed networks.
Fairwinds Polaris.png

Fairwinds Polaris: Fairwinds Ops Inc.'s Polaris keeps your clusters running smoothly. It executes a variety of checks to ensure that Kubernetes pods and controllers are configured using best practices, helping you avoid problems.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.7.00 - Hourly.png

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.7.00 - Hourly: GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks (VNets).

Grafana (Ubuntu).png

Grafana (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Grafana stack is a pre-configured, ready-to-run image containing Grafana V6.3.3 and Nginx1.16.1. Grafana is a feature-rich open-source metrics dashboard and graph editor for Graphite, Elasticsearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus, and InfluxDB.

Graphistry Core.png

Graphistry Core: Surface your data's stories with Graphistry's visual graph analytics and automation. Built-in visual analytics include point-and-click time bars, histograms, filtering, on-the-fly coloring, and automatic clustering.

GTC pack Manage Cloud Support.png

GTC pack Manage Cloud Support: GTC pack is a comprehensive support service for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. The service is part of the package that Getter Group Ltd. provides to customers who purchase software licensing.

Guardicore Centra Security Platform.png Guardicore Centra Security Platform: Guardicore gives you cloud and datacenter visibility, micro-segmentation, and breach detection. With Guardicore, segmentation projects are affordable and converge quickly.
HAProxy Community on Ubuntu.png

HAProxy Community (Ubuntu): Websoft9's pre-configured, ready-to-run image contains HAProxy Community 1.8.8 on Ubuntu 18.04. HAProxy Community provides a high-availability load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications.

Harbor Clair Container Image.png

Harbor Clair Container Image: Harbor Clair is an optional component of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Clair is an open-source project for the static analysis of vulnerabilities in application containers.

Harbor Core Container Image.png

Harbor Core Container Image: Harbor Core is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Harbor Core includes core functionalities, such as token and webhook management.

Harbor Notary Server Container Image.png

Harbor Notary Server Container Image: Harbor Notary Server is one of the main components of Harbor, a cloud-native registry that stores, signs, and scans content. Combined with the Harbor Notary Signer, it is responsible for signing and verifying images.

HPCBOX - HPC Cluster for ANSYS Products.png

HPCBOX: HPC Cluster for ANSYS Products: HPCBOX delivers supercomputing capability to any PC running Windows 7 and higher. With built-in intelligent workflow capability, HPC cloud infrastructure can be plugged into your application pipeline.

Informatica Enterprise DataCatalog 10.2.2 HF1 BYOL.png

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.2 HF1 BYOL: Discover and understand data assets across your enterprise with an AI-powered data catalog. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog provides a machine learning-based discovery engine to scan and catalog data assets.

Ingram Micro Azure Expert Services.png

Ingram Micro Azure Expert Services: With Ingram Micro's Azure Expert Services, you'll be able to provide your customers with three services combined into a single managed service: cost optimization, security and compliance, and 24/7 reactive managed support services.

IP Address Manager.png IP Address Manager: The IP Address Manager (IPAM) from SolarWinds provides centralized subnet and IP address management that works hand in hand with unified DHCP and DNS administration, which saves time and prevents manual errors.
Jenkins Exporter Container Image.png

Jenkins Exporter Container Image: This image contains a Prometheus metrics exporter for Jenkins, an open-source automation server. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Joget v6 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - All-in-One.png

Joget v6 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Joget combines business process automation, workflow management, and rapid application development in an open-source platform. Visual and web-based, it empowers non-coders to quickly build and maintain apps.

Kafka Exporter Container Image.png

Kafka Exporter Container Image: This image contains a Kafka exporter for Prometheus, an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system written in Scala and Java.

Log Analyzer.png Log Analyzer: The Log Analyzer (LA) from SolarWinds is a powerful log management and analysis tool that integrates with SolarWinds Orion Platform products and lets users realize the potential of their log data.
Managed Detection and Response.png

Managed Detection and Response: Wortell Enterprise Security's Managed Detection and Response is a Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service for your Azure and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Wortell will provide security monitoring, incident response, and more.

MariaDB Galera Container Image.png

MariaDB Galera Container Image: MariaDB Galera is a multi-master database cluster solution for synchronous replication and high availability.

MariaDB Galera Helm Chart.png

MariaDB Galera Helm Chart: MariaDB Galera is a multi-master database cluster solution for synchronous replication and high availability. Deploying Bitnami applications as helm charts is an easy way to get started on Kubernetes.

Mattermost Community (Ubuntu).png

Mattermost Community (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Mattermost stack contains Mattermost Community V5.14.0, Nginx1.16.1, MySQL 5.7.27, and phpMyAdmin on Docker 19.03.1. Mattermost is an open-source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration.

Mean.Js On Ubuntu.png

MEAN.js on Ubuntu: MEAN.js is an open-source stack software bundle written in JavaScript to build websites and online applications. The MEAN stack comprises the components of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

Memcached on Ubuntu.png

Memcached (Ubuntu): Websoft9's pre-configured, ready-to-run image contains Memcached V1.5.6, an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering.

Metabase (Ubuntu).png

Metabase (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Metabase stack contains Metabase, Nginx, MySQL, Java, and Docker. Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you ask questions about your data and displays answers in formats that make sense, whether that's a bar graph or a detailed table.

Mission Critical Azure.png

Mission Critical Azure: Wortell offers a fully managed service for your business-critical Azure environment. With its automated approach and 24/7 services, Wortell's enterprise-grade platform can handle even the most demanding applications.

NATS Exporter Container Image.png

NATS Exporter Container Image: This image contains a Prometheus exporter for NATS server metrics. NATS (Neural Autonomic Transport System) is an open-source messaging system. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Neo4j Community on Ubuntu.png

Neo4j Community (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Neo4j stack contains Neo4j Community V3.5.8 and Ngnix1.16.1 on Ubuntu18.04. Neo4j is a high-performance graph store with all the features of a mature and robust database, like a friendly query language and ACID transactions.


NetConnect: NetConnect secures data by locking it within the cloud environment and enabling users to remotely interact with files and applications as if they were local to their device.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.png NetFlow Traffic Analyzer: The NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) from SolarWinds lets you monitor network traffic flow records, discover traffic patterns, and avoid bandwidth hogs. NTA is an add-on for SolarWinds' Network Performance Monitor.
Network Configuration Manager.png Network Configuration Manager: The Network Configuration Manager from SolarWinds reduces the time required to manage critical changes and repetitive tasks across complex, multi-vendor networks.
Network Performance Monitor.png Network Performance Monitor: The Network Performance Monitor from SolarWinds allows you to detect network problems, resolve network fault and performance issues, and properly manage your multi-vendor networks spanning hybrid environments.
OpenShot Video Editing Cloud API.png

OpenShot Video Editing Cloud API: OpenShot Cloud API is a REST-based video-editing framework that can quickly be integrated into websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, and more. Create, edit, animate, and render videos in the cloud.

Parse Server (Ubuntu).png

Parse Server (Ubuntu): This image from Websoft9 contains Parse Server 3.8.0, Nginx 1.16, MongoDB 4.0, Node.js 10.16, and Docker 19.03 on Ubuntu 18.04. Parse Server is an open-source back end that can be deployed to any infrastructure that can run Node.js.

Phabricator (Ubuntu18.04).png

Phabricator (Ubuntu): This ready-to-run image from Websoft9 contains Phabricator V2019.34.0, Docker 19.03.1, MySQL 5.7.27, PHP 7.2.19, and Apache 2.4.29. Phabricator is a suite of web-based software development collaboration tools.


Phoenix for Oracle on Microsoft Azure: Phoenix for Oracle on Microsoft Azure allows organizations to create a hybrid disaster recovery (DR) solution that guarantees zero data loss.

ReportServer Community Container Image.png

ReportServer Community Container Image: ReportServer is an open-source business intelligence tool for fast information access and analysis. It integrates multiple reporting engines and features an intuitive dashboard component.

ReportServer Enterprise Container Image.png

ReportServer Enterprise Container Image: ReportServer Enterprise is the enterprise version of the open-source business intelligence platform. It integrates multiple reporting engines, dashboards, and ad-hoc analytics, with scripting capabilities for deep customization.

Rocket.Chat (Ubuntu).png

Rocket.Chat (Ubuntu): Websoft9's pre-configured, ready-to-run image contains Rocket.Chat V2.0.0-rc.2, MongoDB 4.0.12, Docker 19.03.1, node.js 10.16.3, and Nginx 1.16.1. Rocket.Chat is an open-source team chat software solution.

Scratch-GUI on Ubuntu.png

Scratch GUI on Ubuntu: Websoft9's ready-to-run image contains Scratch-GUI-0.1.0, Nginx 1.16, and Node.js 10.16 on Ubuntu18.04. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and online community made primarily for children ages 8 to 16.

Server Configuration Monitor.png

Server Configuration Monitor: The Server Configuration Monitor from SolarWinds detects, tracks, and compares system and application changes in your environment. Gain visibility and easily compare configurations over time.

Smart Docker.png

Smart Docker: Smart Docker by Shenzhen Machine Equipment Co. Ltd. helps users follow the lifecycle of containers in a dock by connecting with real-time data from cameras. Users can even check from different angles via the 3-D view.

Storage Resource Monitor.png

Storage Resource Monitor: The Storage Resource Monitor from SolarWinds provides a unified view into the performance and hardware health of your storage environment. Prevent downtime and ensure your storage infrastructure is running at peak performance.

STRATO for Business Networks - Single Node.png

STRATO for Business Networks - Single Node: The STRATO platform from BlockApps enables users to create and manage programmable business networks. Transactions on STRATO networks leverage blockchain technology to satisfy modern business needs.


Tamr (BYOL): Tamr represents a new approach to data integration, using supervised machine learning to make it faster and easier for data engineers to unify large numbers of heterogeneous sources.

Tavant Manufacturing Analytics Platform (TMAP).png

Tavant Manufacturing Analytics Platform (TMAP): This scalable analytics platform for the after-sales market of the manufacturing industry enables dealers, suppliers, and others to use warranty data to control cost and identify areas of improvement.

Tempered Networks Conductor Managed v2.1.png

Tempered Networks Conductor Managed v2.1: Using Host Identity Protocol, the Tempered Networks Conductor orchestration engine can eliminate time-consuming provisioning steps for firewalls and virtual private networks. This offer is for the managed version.

Tensoflow on Ubuntu.png

Tensorflow (Ubuntu): Websoft9's Tensorflow image contains Tensorflow V1.14.0, Python3.6, and pip3. TensorFlow is an open-source platform for machine learning with a flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources.

Tensorflow kit for prod and dev by

Tensorflow kit for prod & dev by Techlatest offers an out-of-box setup for developing and deploying Tensorflow applications. A basic understanding of AI and machine learning concepts is recommended before using this virtual machine.

Toad Intelligence Central 5.0.6.png

Toad Intelligence Central 5.0.6: Improve productivity, collaboration, and data provisioning with Toad Intelligence Central 5.0.6. Share all Toad artifacts with other Toad users, control access rights, and enable administrators to better manage users and teams.

Unbreakable Pipeline.png

Unbreakable Pipeline: This turnkey packaged offering from Wortell provides your company with a fully automated Azure DevOps pipeline, hardened Docker images, a hardened Azure Kubernetes environment, and more.

UniversalEdge for Azure ExpressRoute.png

UniversalEdge for Azure ExpressRoute: UniversalEdge for Azure ExpressRoute aggregates, optimizes, and simplifies connectivity to the services and cloud regions your organization depends on. As a fully managed service, Oncore takes the complexity out of high-performance network services at the edge.

User Device Tracker.png User Device Tracker: The User Device Tracker from SolarWinds delivers automated user and device tracking along with powerful switch port management capabilities so you can stay in control of who and what is connecting to your network.
Virtualization Manager.png Virtualization Manager: The Virtualization Manager from SolarWinds allows you to optimize your virtual infrastructure and fix VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V issues in minutes through performance and fault monitoring.
VoIP and Network Quality Manager.png VoIP & Network Quality Manager: The VoIP and Network Quality Manager from SolarWinds analyzes call detail records generated by Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Avaya Aura Communication Manager to help you eliminate distortion, latency, and noise.
Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.3.0.png

Vormetric Data Security Manager v6.3.0: Provision and manage keys for Vormetric Data Security Platform solutions, including Vormetric Transparent Encryption, Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking, and Vormetric Application Encryption.

Web Performance Monitor.png Web Performance Monitor: The Web Performance Monitor (WPM) from SolarWinds tests and simulates the end-user experience for internal and customer-facing applications. Test your web applications and troubleshoot latency on website elements.

Consulting services

2-3 Week Azure Readiness Assessment.png

2-3 Week Azure Readiness Assessment: Satalyst's assessment will provide your organization with high-level documentation of your readiness to migrate to Microsoft Azure and modernize your environment.

Application Strategy Workshop - 4 Weeks.png

Application Strategy Workshop: 4 Weeks: In this workshop, Cloudreach will provide customers with a strategic and actionable set of recommendations for their applications so that they can realize the full value of the cloud.

Automated Testing on Azure - 4-Wk Proof of Concept.png

Automated Testing on Azure: 4-Wk Proof of Concept: This proof of concept by Optimus Information will involve a workshop to identify the right applications for test automation. After testing, Optimus Information will publish results on a Microsoft Power BI dashboard.

Azure App Development - 10 Week Implementation (AU).png

Azure App Development: 10 Week Implementation (AU): Let experts from Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited help you develop Azure apps over 10 weeks. Clients can scale up or down as needed with flexible engagements. This offer is for customers in Australia.

Azure AppDev - 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure AppDev: 3-Day Workshop: During this three-day workshop by Tallan, your team will learn the “art of the possible” with Microsoft Azure. Tallan will help you develop a strategic plan for building and moving applications and workloads to Azure.

Azure Application Migration - 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Application Migration: 1-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Tallan will work with you to assess your as-is application architecture and your to-be architecture in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Consultancy Services - 8-wk Imp.png

Azure Consultancy Services: 8-wk Imp.: InSpark BV's Azure consultancy offer includes implementation of security services, app modernization, Azure onboarding and management, and other proposed project deliverables.

Azure Insights and Performance Monitoring - 3 Day PoC.png

Azure Insights & Performance Monitoring: 3 Day PoC: TwoConnect's proof of concept will help you determine the best integration approach for your organization and realize the benefits of Azure Application Insights.

Azure Management QuickStart - 2 hours Assessment.png

Azure Management QuickStart: 2 hours Assessment: Integrity Partners will help you set up a new Azure tenant, assign global administrator privileges, show you how to navigate the management portal, and configure the environment so you can add resources.

Azure Migration Planning - 5 Day Implementation.png

Azure Migration Planning: 5 Day Implementation: In this offer, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting will provide one week of remote or on-premises consulting to help your IT and business teams plan your Azure migration.

Azure Migration - 1-Day Assessment.png

Azure Migration: 1-Day Assessment: This assessment by Geek Patrol will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to Microsoft Azure. Geek Patrol is part of the immedia ecosystem.

AzureFactory Implementation 1-week.png

AzureFactory Implementation 1-week: In this engagement, Cubesys will implement AzureFactory, providing you with an algorithm for the successful adoption and automation of Azure.

Cloud Competency Framework - 5 Week Assessment.png

Cloud Competency Framework: 5 Week Assessment: This assessment by Cloudreach will show enterprise organizations their current skill gaps and accelerate their transition to a cloud focus.

Cloud Operating Model Roadmap - 8 Week Assessment.png

Cloud Operating Model Roadmap: 8 Week Assessment: Over eight weeks, Cloudreach will help transform your enterprise for cloud adoption, which can open a new world of agility, IT efficiency, and innovation.

Customer Data Platform for Retail - 2-hour Workshop.png

Customer Data Platform for Retail: 2 hours Workshop: In this workshop, you'll learn how BitBang helped a fashion and luxury retailer create a customer data platform that integrates all data sources and creates a 360-degree view of the customer experience.

Data Science and Analytics - 6 Week Implementation.png

Data Science & Analytics - 6 Week Implementation: In this engagement, Blueprint Technologies will implement data science tools and advanced analytics technologies on Microsoft Azure so your team can work faster and smarter.

Data Science and Machine Learning - 5 Day POC Workshop.png

Data Science & Machine Learning: 5 Day POC Workshop: cloudThing will provide an envisioning session, a feasibility study, and a proposal for a pilot project. The pilot will be an Azure-based solution that proves the project idea and solidifies the business case for investment.

Data Security Services 3 weeks Assessment.png

Data Security Services 3 weeks Assessment: Integrity Partners Sp. z o.o. will audit your infrastructure, cloud solutions, and Windows Server systems, then implement recommended endpoint security services.

Data Warehouse Modernization - 8 Week Implementation.png

Data Warehouse Modernization: 8 Week Implementation: Cloudreach's implementation is designed for enterprises that are struggling to formulate a data strategy and that wish to assess and migrate their database workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Decentralized Identity Management - Half Day Workshop.png

Decentralized Identity Management: Half-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Envision Blockchain Solutions will discuss your company's pre-qualified identity management use case and how it can use the enterprise resources of Microsoft Azure for successful deployments.

DP-100T01 Data Science Solution - 3 Day Workshop.png

DP-100T01 Data Science Solution: 3 Day Workshop: This workshop by Directions Training will teach participants how to use Azure services to develop, train, and deploy machine learning solutions. Participants should already know how to conduct data science.

Dynamics CRM and Azure API Integration - 5 Day PoC.png

Dynamics CRM & Azure API Integration - 5 Day PoC: In this proof of concept, TwoConnect will plan your integration approach, set up Azure, set up Microsoft Dynamics connectors, design and develop integration APIs, and define your road map for moving forward.

Enterprise Cloud Foundations - Workshop (-10 days).png

Enterprise Cloud Foundations: Workshop (~10 days): This engagement by Oncore Cloud Services Inc. involves an estimated three-day interactive workshop, followed by six days of written preparations for an executive presentation day.

Host RemoteApps on Azure - 5-Day Implementation.png

Host RemoteApps on Azure: 5-Day Implementation: Move on-premises apps to Microsoft Azure as RemoteApps for secure, centralized access. This implementation by Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited is for technical and business leaders.

Managed Detection and Response 2 weeks Imp.png

Managed Detection and Response 2 weeks Imp: In this engagement by Difenda, you'll receive two weeks of consulting and be able to use Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a cybersecurity tool that will enrich your investigation and detection with artificial intelligence.

Managed Service for Azure (MSP) - 1-Hr Briefing.png

Managed Service for Azure (MSP): 1-Hr Briefing: The cloud management service from CloudRiches enables enterprises to enjoy the benefits of rich resources and optimal cloud architecture. Learn more in this one-hour briefing.

Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity - 1-Hour Assessment.png

Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity: 1-Hour Assessment: Cybersecurity professionals at TechHouse will investigate your environment to identify weaknesses and opportunities to reduce risk by implementing Microsoft solutions.

Migration and App Modernization - 3-Wk PoC.png

Migration & App Modernization: 3-Wk PoC: This offer by Optimus Information will identify opportunities within your current systems for re-architecting and migration to Microsoft Azure, then set up a proof of concept to demonstrate the benefits.

Mindshift - 2-Hour Workshop.png

Mindshift: 2-Hour Workshop: Out of this session from the immedia ecosystem, your team will gain relevant insights and develop a digital transformation road map empowered by the Microsoft Azure ecosystem of tools and services.

Modern Data Estate - 6 Week Implementation.png

Modern Data Estate - 6 Week Implementation: Modernize your data estate with this implementation from Blueprint Technologies. Use the power and speed of Microsoft Azure to drive efficiency and insights for your business.

Office 365 Modern Workplace - 6 Wk Implementation.png

Office 365 Modern Workplace - 6 Wk Implementation: This implementation by Blueprint Technologies is designed to drive efficiency, engagement, and collaboration in your organization through Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other apps that boost productivity.

Report Factory 2 Hour Assessment.png

Report Factory 2 Hour Assessment: In this assessment, TechWise Group will study challenges your organization may be facing due to expensive and time-consuming reporting and offer ways to operationalize access to customized reports in minutes.

Runway - 2-Wk Implementation.png

Runway - 2-Wk Implementation: This implementation from Visual BI Solutions provides a quick on-ramp to designing, developing, and deploying solutions for data engineering on Microsoft Azure using Azure DevOps.

Salesforce Integration w Azure API - 5-Day PoC.png

Salesforce Integration w Azure API - 5-Day PoC: In this proof of concept, TwoConnect will plan your integration approach, set up Azure, set up Salesforce connectors, design and develop integration APIs, and define your road map for moving forward.

SAP to Azure Migration Consulting 1-Day Assessment.png

SAP to Azure Migration Consulting 1-Day Assessment: In this assessment, Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited will help you understand the benefits and challenges of an SAP migration to Azure, then help you create a suitable execution plan.

Shopify Integration w Azure API Driven - 5 Day PoC.png

Shopify Integration w Azure, API Driven: 5 Day PoC: In this proof of concept, TwoConnect will plan your integration approach, set up Azure, set up Shopify connectors, design and develop integration APIs, and define your road map for moving forward.

SQL Migration 3 days Proof of Concept.png SQL Migration 3 days Proof of Concept: After analyzing your physical SQL environment, Euvic Services Sp. z o.o. will propose an alternative solution within an Azure environment for better performance and scalable costs.
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