Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 166
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 101 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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1000minds Conjoint Analysis.png

1000minds Conjoint Analysis: 1000minds' apps helps businesses, governments, and nonprofits make decisions based on multiple objectives or criteria. Conjoint analysis software involves surveying people about their preferences with respect to the relative importance of product features or attributes.

AlmaLinux 8.4.png

AlmaLinux 8.4: This image from Ntegral provides version 8.4 of AlmaLinux, an open-source, community-driven Linux operating system. The image is optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure and offers the latest features available in AlmaLinux.

AR 3S Pro Server.png

AR 3S Pro Server: This AR 3S Pro Server offered by Holo-Light GmbH provides a collaborative, industrial augmented reality working environment on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Engineers can visualize, manipulate, and share 3D CAD data in real time.


Bugzilla: This image from Niles Partners provides Bugzilla, which lets developers track bugs, issues, problems, and other change requests. Features include advanced search, e-mail notifications, automatic duplicate bug detection, and bug lists in multiple formats.


ClamAV: This image from Niles Partners provides ClamAV, an open-source engine for detecting Trojans, malware, and viruses. ClamAV is optimized for email servers, making it appropriate for network administrators.

Cloud Database Manager.png

Cloud Database Manager: This preconfigured image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides version 21.1 of the Community edition of CloudBeaver on CentOS. Also included are NGINX 1.20 and Docker 20.10. CloudBeaver is a web-based database GUI tool.

CompuCom Connected Microsoft 365 E5.png

CompuCom Connected Microsoft 365 E5: This bundled services offer from CompuCom, part of Office Depot, includes a Microsoft 365 deployment, a Microsoft FastTrack migration, service desk, operations support, endpoint management, and Microsoft 365 E5.

CSP Control Center - CSP Direct Bill Partners.png

CSP Control Center - CSP Direct Bill Partners: CSP Control Center, also known as C3, is a cloud platform built for Microsoft cloud solution provider partners, enabling them to distribute, sell, bill, and provision cloud solutions. Partners can work with resellers to define offers and customer users can be granted access to manage license requirements.

CSP Control Center - CSP Indirect Providers.png

CSP Control Center - CSP Indirect Providers: CSP Control Center, also known as C3, is a cloud platform built for Microsoft cloud solution provider partners, enabling them to distribute, sell, bill, and provision cloud solutions. Partners can work with resellers to define offers and customer users can be granted access to manage license requirements.

Elastacloud Intelligent Spaces.png

Elastacloud Intelligent Spaces: Elastacloud Intelligent Spaces (EIS) processes data from AutoCAD files and builds 3D models of your buildings. Its main pillars are a 3D visualization app, a graph database and processing engine, a data acquisition and publishing system, and a system for creating and editing digital twins.


GIMP: This image from Niles Partners provides GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), an open-source raster graphics editor that's modular, extensible, and expandable. GIMP is used for photo editing, free-form drawing, and more specialized tasks.


GitHub CE: This image from Niles Partners provides GitHub CE, an open-source Git repository and version control system. GitHub CE includes a host of features that enable software development teams to consolidate source code, track and manage releases, increase code quality, and deploy code changes.


Hadoop: This image from Niles Partners provides the Hadoop software framework on Ubuntu 16.04. Hadoop is popular for handling and analyzing large sets of data. It delivers massive storage, huge processing power, and the ability to handle virtually limitless coexisting jobs or tasks.

Helpy Server Ready with Support from Linnovate.png

Helpy Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This image from Linnovate Technologies provides Helpy, on-demand customer support software. Helpy encompasses multichannel support ticketing, a knowledge base, and community support forums, and it offers translations for 19 languages.

Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365.png

Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365: Keepit Backup for Microsoft 365 protects business data across Microsoft apps like Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive. Fully automated daily backups and tamper-proof storage take the hassle out of protection and archiving.


mySuperMon: With mySuperMon from Devaten, you can carry out performance testing earlier in the software development process and based on specific use cases rather than on overall database performance.


Node.js: This image from Niles Partners provides Node.js, an open-source server environment for developing scalable network applications. The cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment is built on the V8 JavaScript engine and makes use of a single-threaded model with event looping.

Omnichannel Point of Sale.png

Omnichannel Point of Sale: Modernize your tech stack and inject agility into your infrastructure with OneView Omnichannel Point of Sale, which uses integrated checkout and digital engagement capabilities to eliminate silos that disrupt customer experiences.

OneView Inventory and Order Management.png

OneView Inventory and Order Management: OneView Inventory tracks every order and sale for instant access to accurate inventory balances. Combined with OneView Order Management, your retail store will get a simple and continuously updated view of order flow for store fulfillment from web orders.

OneView Mobile Point of Sale.png

OneView Mobile Point of Sale: OneView Mobile Point of Sale puts scalable checkout in the hands of your associates to better serve customers. OneView Mobile Point of Sale is built on a modern cloud platform and powered by a single transaction engine for commerce anywhere.

OneView Pickup + Delivery.png

OneView Pickup + Delivery: With a headless cloud architecture and a digital cart engine, OneView Pickup and Delivery empowers you to provide efficient in-store, curbside, or contactless pickups or delivery. Manage store order flow, substitutions, promotions, and more.

Plydish OCRA.png

Plydish-OCRA: Plydish-OCRA extracts information from scanned paper documents, allowing you to upload the information to databases or business processing systems. Choose document templates from Plydish-OCRA’s prebuilt template library, covering a wide range of industries, or upload your own template.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.4.png

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.4: This bundle offered by MidVision provides version 7.4 of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Use JBoss EAP to build, deploy, and host highly transactional Java applications.


Schlix: This image from Niles Partners provides Schlix, an extensible content management system for developing websites and blogs. Schlix is a developer-friendly platform, permitting modifications to theme style sheets and templates without having to modify the core.

Squid Easy Proxy Server & Webmin UI on CentOS 7.8.png

Squid Easy Proxy Server & Webmin UI on CentOS 7.8: This hardened and ready-to-run image from Tidal Media provides a Squid proxy cache server with a Webmin interface on CentOS 7.8. Manage user accounts, file sharing, mail servers, and more through the user-friendly interface.

Squid Easy Proxy Server & Webmin UI on Ubuntu 20.png

Squid Easy Proxy Server & Webmin UI on Ubuntu 20: This preconfigured image from Tidal Media provides a Squid proxy cache server with a Webmin interface on Ubuntu 20. Manage user accounts, file sharing, mail servers, and more through the user-friendly interface.

TheHive v4 Official.png

TheHive v4 Official: This image from StrangeBee provides version 4 of TheHive, an open-source security incident response platform. TheHive enables security operations centers and other information security practitioners to swiftly investigate events.

Time Intelligence for Microsoft Outlook Calendar.png

Time Intelligence for Microsoft Outlook Calendar: Integrate your Microsoft Outlook calendar with Replicon's Time Intelligence platform to allow machine learning and AI to automatically create a curated view of your events, including details like title, participants, location, and time.

Time Intelligence for MS Outlook Calendar  Admin.png

Time Intelligence for Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Admin): This is the administrator version of Replicon's Time Intelligence app for Microsoft Outlook. The Time Intelligence collector will automatically work under your company’s Microsoft account.

Time Intelligence for Microsoft Teams.png Time Intelligence for Microsoft Teams (Admin): This is the administrator version of Replicon's Time Intelligence app for Microsoft Teams. Time Intelligence automatically creates a curated view of your events, including details like title, participants, location, and time.
Veeam Universal License (VUL).png

Veeam Universal License (VUL): Veeam Universal License is a simple, flexible, per-workload license for protecting all workloads across on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments. You don't need to be a licensing expert: Easily manage a pool of fully featured licenses and avoid appliance lock-in.

Vital Knowledge 協同知識管理 (Collaborative knowledge management).png

Vital Knowledge: Vital Knowledge from Galaxy Software Services accumulates, manages, and shares organizational knowledge assets within the enterprise, shortening document search time and improving communication efficiency. This app is available only in Traditional Chinese.

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Apps as Microservices.png

Apps as Microservices: 4-Week Implementation: Upgrade your monolithic applications to microservices with the help of Cognos. Cognos will analyze your infrastructure, then gradually migrate your monolithic applications using Microsoft Azure API Management. This offer is available only in Spanish.

Architecture Datahub- 4-Week Assessment.png

Architecture Datahub: 4-Week Assessment: Cross, part of the Micropole Group, will conduct a feasibility study on implementing a datahub and designing an architecture on Microsoft Azure to enable better data governance. This offer is available only in French.

Azenix AKS Accelerator- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azenix AKS Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Azenix has developed a framework that will accelerate your organization's ability to adopt Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure. Azenix will work with a cross-functional team through its assessment, design, and implementation phases.

Azure Cloud Foundations- 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Foundations: 4-Week Assessment: In this workshop, Quorum Systems will design a comprehensive road map to a secure, scalable, and operationally ready Microsoft Azure environment to meet your unique business and technical requirements.

Azure Custom App Development- 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure Custom App Development: 10-Week Implementation: Using the latest web and mobile technologies, Dotsquares will help bring your application ideas into being. Dotsquares developers will perform testing and follow an incremental deployment. The code will then be released into the production environment.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solutions- 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solutions: 3-Day Workshop: Learn about Azure Stack HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) fundamentals, integration with Azure Arc, and datacenter modernization opportunities in this package from DexMach, which includes a workshop, a workload assessment, and a hybrid use-case deep dive.

Azure Sentinel Migration- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Migration: 3-Week Implementation: Optiv's professional services engagement focuses on the implementation (or migration) and initial configuration of your Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment to enhance security visibility.

Azure Stack Hub Integration- 5-Week Implementation.png

Azure Stack Hub Integration: 5-Week Implementation: Microsoft Azure Stack Hub lets you build and run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services to your datacenter. In this offer, World Wide Technology will provide a pathway to a successful implementation of Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Synapse Data Platform- 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure Synapse Data Platform: 10-Week Implementation: World Wide Technology leads clients through building powerful data platforms on Microsoft Azure. In this offer, World Wide Technology will deliver a well-architected data platform on Azure Synapse customized to your business's scale and requirements.

Azure VMware Solution- 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution: 10-Week Implementation: BrainScale will deliver a workshop to kick-start your cloud migration journey and assess your digital estate to create a cloud road map. Later, BrainScale will migrate your workloads to Microsoft Azure VMware Solution and set up monitoring and management services.

bBot.png bBot Smart Assistant: 6-Week Implementation: Improve service time with this implementation of bSide's bBot. bBot is a customizable virtual assistant that uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to provide remote digital assistance. This offer is available in Spanish.
BIM Workspace- 1-Week Implementation.png

BIM Workspace: 1-Week Implementation: Accelerate your building information modeling (BIM) with CSN Groep. CSN Groep will deliver a BIM workspace on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop that's designed for BIM applications such as Revit, Tekla, Solibri, and Archicad.

Cloud Fundamentals for Decision Makers- 4-Hour Briefing.png

Cloud Fundamentals for Decision Makers: 4-Hour Briefing: Mallow Oy's briefing will introduce business decision makers to public cloud essentials and Microsoft Azure. Mallow Oy will cover common pitfalls, costs and licensing, and more. Bring your questions and curiosity!

Cloud Readiness and Migration- 4-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness and Migration: 4-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Immeo will review your on-premises workloads and applications, then present you with architecture design recommendations. Discover which workloads and solutions would benefit from a migration to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Security Snapshot- 30-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Security Snapshot: 30-Day Assessment: In this assessment, Bytes Software Services will give you greater visibility of your Microsoft Azure public cloud assets and compliance so you can avoid misconfigurations and security issues.

Cloudgoda- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Cloudgoda: 2-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Acer e-Enabling Data Center Inc. will use five Microsoft Azure service components to quickly establish an IoT data analysis framework. This service is available only in Chinese.

Data Modernisation Advisory- 4-Day Workshop.png

Data Modernization Advisory: 4-Day Workshop: Six Degrees will assess your data environment running on legacy infrastructure to understand your batch and real-time data-processing requirements. Six Degrees will then deliver an advisory report with data modernization and Azure migration options.

Data Science on Azure.png Data Science on Azure, 10-Week Deployment: Intended for the manufacturing industry, bSide's Defect Detection and Prevention uses Microsoft Azure to generate analytical models to predict product defects and reduce risk. bSide will deploy the solution over 10 weeks. This offer is available only in Spanish.
DC Modernization with Cloud4C- 10-Day Assessment.png

DC Modernization with Cloud4C: 10-Day Assessment: This assessment from Cloud4C Services will help your enterprise move to Microsoft Azure and simplify infrastructure to improve availability, scalability, and compliance. This includes rehosting, replatforming, rearchitecting, and rebuilding options using Azure services.

Digital Hospital Xccelerator- 6-Week Assessment.png

Digital Hospital Xccelerator: 6-Week Assessment: Fujitsu will assess and map your healthcare organization’s technology infrastructure capabilities, focusing on five architectural domains: security, collaboration, transport, mobility, and hybrid-cloud applications.

Healthcare Hybrid Cloud DR- 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Healthcare Hybrid Cloud DR: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Sirius will deliver a proof of concept of its hybrid-cloud disaster recovery solution, Epic, on Microsoft Azure. Hybrid-cloud operation enables rapid scalability, cost savings, and improved patient outcomes.

Infrastructure Modernization- 4-Day Workshop.png

Infrastructure Modernization: 4-Day Workshop: This workshop from Six Degrees will help you understand your business's infrastructure and its current and future requirements. You'll receive an advisory report with infrastructure modernization options that incorporate security by design.

Migrate apps.jpg Migrate Apps to Azure: 4-Week Deployment: Cognos will evaluate your company's applications and lay out a path toward Microsoft Azure. Cognos mainly focuses on .NET applications. This offer is available only in Spanish.
Modernized App.png Modernized App: 10-Week Implementation: Transform your business solution to a cloud application with this offer from MFEC. MFEC will use Microsoft Azure services to bring greater reliability and security to your app, along with lower operational costs.
Moving SAP to Azure- 4-hour Workshop.png

Moving SAP to Azure: 4-Hour Workshop: BlueSoft's half-day workshop will help you understand your options for using Microsoft Azure as a platform for your SAP solutions. BlueSoft will consider common challenges, possible scenarios for SAP on Azure, and how to integrate with other on-premises and cloud resources.

Police Data Analytics Accelerator.png Police Data Analytics Accelerator: 4-Week to 8-Week Implementation: In this offer, Simpson Associates will implement its Data Analytics Accelerator for Policing, which will provide access to a suite of Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards, predesigned data models, and built-in security.
SAP on Azure- 2-Hour Briefing.png

SAP on Azure: 2-Hour Briefing: Learn about consulting, design, testing, and managed services for SAP on Azure in this briefing from Tata Consultancy Services. Tata Consultancy Services has extensive experience across industry sectors providing end-to-end services.

Secure Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Hour Briefing.png

Secure Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Hour Briefing: In this briefing, Opstack will address how its secure deployment of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop can help customers accelerate secure remote desktops enhanced with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Secure Cloud Foundation- 4-Week Implementation.png

Secure Cloud Foundation: 4-Week Implementation: Migrate to Microsoft Azure with the help of Gijima. Gijima's implementation service offers a secure foundation for customers planning to move workloads to Azure, as well as customers with Azure environments that require secure governance and compliance.

Security Scan Pack- 2-Day Assessment.png

Security Scan Pack: 2-Day Assessment: AgileThought will perform a comprehensive vulnerability analysis so your organization can identify top security threats and take a more proactive approach to security.

Sitecore Migration- 4-Week Assessment.png

Sitecore Migration: 4-Week Assessment: Get a review of the current state of your Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce environment in this offer from Immeo. Immeo will provide recommendations for Sitecore topology and architecture design for Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Agent Services- 8-Week Implementation.png

Virtual Agent Services: 8-Week Implementation: Wysdom's conversational AI enables higher-performing and lower-cost virtual agents powered by Microsoft Azure Bot Services. In eight weeks, Wysdom will help you implement an intelligent virtual agent that can understand at least 80 percent of customer messages on launch.

Well Architected Review 1-Week Assessment.png

Well Architected Review 1-Week Assessment: Validate your architecture against defined best practices in this assessment from Immeo. Immeo's review will cover security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

Zero Row.png Zero Row - Rowbreak system: 6-Week Implementation: In this engagement, bSide will implement Fila Cero, a video analytics system that uses Microsoft Azure services and IoT devices to detect customer facial expressions and emotions. This offer is available in Spanish.

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