Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 105
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 111 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


1-click AI Model Deployment by Vector AI.png

1-click AI Model Deployment by Vector AI: Vector AI allows users to encode and query vectors at the edge. TensorFlow models can be deployed with a simple upload, with no hardware to manage. Select the region for the API, the size of the model, the level of traffic, and the saved model.

Adserti Credit.png

AdsertiCredit: Aimed at non-banking financial companies, AdsertiCredit provides credit lifecycle management and helps businesses comply with regulations in Mexico. This app is available in Spanish. 

Adserti School.png

AdsertiSchool: Through e-learning and administrative functions, AdsertiSchool helps higher education institutions increase operational efficiency and improve budget utilization. This app is available in Spanish.


Aqtiva: Aqtiva makes clean data accessible to everyone in your organization by implementing data quality rules and visualization with a real-time dashboard. Add quality points at the beginning of your data processes and ETL processes to make sure your data is clean and useful.

ASMA - Asset Discovery and Management.png

ASMA - Asset Discovery and Management: ASMA is cybersecurity software that discovers the MAC and IP addresses of network assets, operating systems, and running services to help you manage them. Increase your security level by ensuring network visibility.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center.png

AVEVA Unified Operations Center: AVEVA Unified Operations Center enables real-time performance management for infrastructure and process industry organizations, providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimize assets and operations.

BeMo Better Mobility.png

Be:Mo: Better Mobility: Be:Mo provides APIs for automotive companies and mobility service providers, offering a single-price model for all charging stations. Be:Mo is connected to 5,000 fueling stations and more than 120,000 charging points across Europe.

Bugzilla - Manage Software Development on CentOS.png

Bugzilla - Manage Software Development on CentOS: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Bugzilla on CentOS. Bugzilla is a bug-tracking system used to track software defects while developing and releasing products.

Bust Out Fraud Detection ML Models.png

Bust Out Fraud Detection ML Models: ElectrifAi’s library of machine learning models identifies in advance bust-out credit card fraud, detecting users who intend to rack up charges but never pay. Get more lead time to take pre-emptive action by identifying bust-out customers before they occur.

CentOS 7.8 Minimal.png

CentOS 7.8 Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes a minimal version of CentOS 7.8. CentOS minimal images are optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and a reduced security vulnerability profile.

CentOS 8.2 Minimal.png

CentOS 8.2 Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes a minimal version of CentOS 8.2. CentOS minimal images are optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and a reduced security vulnerability profile.

Churchill Cannibalization Demand Forecaster.png

Churchill Cannibalization Demand Forecaster v5.0: Churchill's Cannibalization Demand Forecaster (CANN) predicts the indirect impact of demand on items caused by promotions, price changes, category assortment by depth and range, and the halo effect.

Churchill Replenishment Demand Forecaster.png

Churchill Replenishment Demand Forecaster v5.0: Churchill's Replenishment Demand Forecaster (RDF) automates demand forecasting, handling high volume or fractional requirements. Forecasts can be daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic demand at the distribution center or store level.

Churchill Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster.png

Churchill Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster v5.0: Churchill’s Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster (SLC) provides retailers with demand intelligence to plan and react to consumer behavior at all levels of the business, from merchandising to promotions to supply chain. 

compliance platform list.png

compliance platform list: Available in Italian, STUDIO INFORMATICA’s compliance platform facilitates corporate compliance, anti-money laundering, and tax investigations.

CONWEAVER Linksphere.png

CONWEAVER Linksphere: CONWEAVER Linksphere is a configurable full-stack graph platform to deploy and maintain applications for graph-typical use cases related to data context analysis.


DataHub: DataHub from Information DataHub is an integrated one-stop-shop solution for businesses to gain an insight into unstructured documents and structured data. DataHub puts data discovery, data classification, and data validation at the fingertips of users in a few easy steps.


DataVerify: DataVerify from Information DataHub is a SaaS solution that bridges the gap between users, receipts, invoices, and third-party apps. DataVerify reduces both the effort required to process receipts and invoices and the need for physical storage.

Delphix Virtualization for Azure (3TB).png

Delphix Virtualization for Azure (3TB): Delphix is a DataOps platform for application development teams. Delphix delivers secure virtual copies of production data to test environments in minutes to streamline Microsoft Azure migration projects and remove bottlenecks from DevOps workflows.

Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates.png

Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates: Swiftant IT Solutions India's Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates (DiMVIC) is an end-to-end insurance policy platform. Built on Microsoft Azure, DiMVIC enables issuance of tamper-proof records stored using Azure Blockchain Service.

DiLeaP - Digital Solution.png

DiLeaP - Digital Solution: DiLeaP is a dedicated and customizable training and support platform for change management teams. This tool unrolls action plans for support methodologies like Prosci. This service is available in French and English.

Docker Community Edition for CentOS 7.8.png

Docker Community Edition for CentOS 7.8: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Docker Community Edition (CE) for CentOS 7.8. Docker CE is an easy-to-deploy solution for building, assembling, and shipping container applications on Microsoft Azure.

Docker Community Edition for CentOS 8.2.png

Docker: Community Edition for CentOS 8.2: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Docker Community Edition (CE) for CentOS 8.2. Docker CE is an easy-to-deploy solution for building, assembling, and shipping container applications on Microsoft Azure.

Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Server 2016.png

Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Server 2016: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Docker Enterprise on Windows Server 2016. Docker Enterprise is a standards-based container platform for the development and delivery of modern applications.

Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Server 2019.png

Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Server 2019: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Docker Enterprise on Windows Server 2019. Docker Enterprise is a standards-based container platform for the development and delivery of modern applications.

Docker Registry- Highly Scalable Server on Ubuntu.png

Docker Registry: Highly Scalable Server on Ubuntu: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes Docker Registry on Ubuntu. Docker Registry is a stateless, scalable server-side application for building, managing, and distributing containers, images, and artifacts.

Efficient Energy Management and Control.png

Efficient Energy Management and Control: Smart-E from G&S Management and Systems allows you to monitor, control, and analyze energy consumption based on IoT devices to optimize energy use. This app is available only in Spanish.

Firstlight Media Platform.png

Firstlight Media Platform: Firstlight is a modular OTT video platform that provides a turnkey solution for video service providers. The cloud-native platform is SDK-ready, containerized, microservices-based, and serverless for flexibility and scale.

Flatcar Container Linux Pro.png

Flatcar Container Linux Pro: With an immutable file system, this minimal Linux distribution is Kinvolk’s Azure-optimized edition of Flatcar Container Linux, ideal for production container environments requiring the highest performance, security, and support.

Forum Sentry 8.11.png Forum Sentry 8.11: A secure API gateway, Forum Systems’ Forum Sentry is used for rules-based security, identity, and auditing of APIs, data, and communications. This Azure-based product features policy enforcement point (PEP) for zero-trust architecture, transaction audits, and more.
Frontline ATS for Defender.png Frontline ATS for Defender for Endpoint: Digital Defense’s Frontline Advanced Threat Sweep (ATS), integrated with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, proactively scans and analyzes assets for indications of a malware infection, thwarting attacks that use dwell time to evade endpoint monitoring.
Genesys Cloud Integration for Microsoft Teams.png

Genesys Cloud Integration for Microsoft Teams: Get simplified, integrated communications and easier collaboration between Genesys Cloud contact center solution and Microsoft Teams without incurring PSTN charges. The solution enables collaboration and improves productivity.

Health Cloud- Integration with P1.png Health Cloud: Integration with P1: Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne S.A. provides a collection of health information connectors that lets you integrate e-prescriptions and e-referrals with P1, Poland’s medical information platform for citizens. This app is available only in Polish.
Imagen Digital Asset Management platform.png

Imagen Digital Asset Management platform: Imagen’s platform helps businesses, sports organizations, and media companies unlock the value of their ever-growing content libraries with fast, secure, and controlled access through highly customized video management.

IN-D KYC.png

IN-D KYC: IN-D is a digital onboarding solution with electronic know-your-customer (KYC) assisted and unassisted video options. Using AI, IN-D classifies and extracts attributes from different ID documents and also performs government validation following Indian government guidelines.

Intelligent Edge - StockView for retail.png

Intelligent Edge - StockView for retail: Neal Analytics’ StockView uses custom AI vision models powered by Microsoft Azure to help retailers reduce lost sales and improve customer experience by automatically detecting out-of-stock items on shelves.


inwink: Infinite Square’s inwink is an event-intelligence SaaS platform that helps event marketers and organizers manage the complete event lifecycle and address the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. This app is available in English and French.

Leni for Working Capital Management.png

Leni for Working Capital Management: Larsen & Toubro Infotech's Leni is an AI-powered analytics platform for working capital management, empowering you to proactively evaluate your cash-flow requirements with real-time insights into your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventories.

LoDDoS - DDoS Testing Platform.png

LoDDoS - DDoS Testing Platform for Red/Blue Teams: LoDDoS is an automated distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) testing platform that can evaluate DDoS mitigation systems/services and incident-response mechanisms without exposing an organization to a real, malicious DDoS attack.

M365 Digital Experience Monitoring by Martello.png Martello Gizmo - Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring: Martello Gizmo continuously tests the service quality provided by Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive, providing IT teams with the metrics needed to understand problems before they affect end users.
NAVOO- Digital Workplace Solution.png

NAVOO – Digital Workplace Solution: With Arvato Systems’ NAVOO, you can centrally manage your company's worldwide collaboration, communication, and processes. NAVOO controls the use and interaction of Office 365 functions and allows individual customization for each department.

Neo4j Enterprise.png

Neo4j Enterprise: Neo4j is an open-source NoSQL native graph database that provides an ACID-compliant transactional back end for your applications. The enterprise edition includes backups, clustering, and failover capabilities.

OneVault - Patient Safety, Quality & Accreditation.png

OneVault - Patient Safety, Quality & Accreditation: OneVault is an integrated solution for healthcare clinical governance, risk, safety, quality, and accreditation. OneVault is easy to access and simple to navigate, providing real-time data in easily digestible formats like dashboards.

Online content hosting and delivery.png

Online content hosting and delivery: illuxi provides a cloud-based content hosting and delivery platform designed for organizations to host, market, and design online trainings, remote professional services, virtual events, live videos, and podcasts.

OnPro Web.png

OnPro Web: OnPro is a cloud-based human resources solution for HR and operations teams in the United Arab Emirates. Automate the creation and updating of your employee records and monitor changes and e-service applications as they happen.


PELgx: The PELgx modular suite from BD Consultants provides various services integrated with the collection, payment, and negotiation services offered by the National Electronic Payment System (SINPE) of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR). This app is available only in Spanish.

Redhat 8.2 Minimal.png

Redhat 8.2 Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes a minimal version of Red Hat 8.2. Red Hat minimal images are optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and a reduced security vulnerability profile.

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.5.png

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.5: NetWitness Platform (RNWP) v11.5 delivers powerful new features for network detection and response, a smoother investigative workflow, expanded machine learning models, enhanced network and log capture options, and improved administration.

Saleslogic e-Commerce.png

Saleslogic e-Commerce: Cloudlogic SA’s Saleslogic is a consumer-facing e-commerce storefront designed to improve sales and drive productivity. Saleslogic lets you showcase and categorize products, implement custom designs and themes, and more.

Semarchy SaaS - Solita Service powered by Azure.png

Semarchy SaaS - Solita Service powered by Azure: Solita Oy provides a hosted version of Semarchy xDM, enabling master data management powered by Microsoft Azure. This SaaS lets you implement value streams without concerns about infrastructure, security, or cloud operations.

Senso for Teams Chat - Remote monitoring.png

Senso for Teams Chat- Remote monitoring: Using an AI-based visual threat detection engine, Senso will monitor chat and inspect images in Microsoft Teams, alerting you when a violation is detected. Get Renato Software’s solution to make distance learning safer in your school, business, or district.


SerendibAI: This AI-powered video analytics platform generates insights from available retail store video streams. The SerendibAI platform helps organizations make data-driven decisions to achieve business goals.

SkyLIne ERP SaaS.png

SkyLIne ERP SaaS: SkyLIne by 2M Technologies is a complete ERP and management SaaS for manufacturers, distributors, and service companies. The Azure-based system provides visibility of sales, supply chains, finance, and more.

Smart Connected Elevator.png

Smart Connected Elevator: This solution from Larsen & Toubro Infotech uses IoT sensors to monitor elevator health, operations, and maintenance data, transforming field services.

SmartWorkspaces for Windows Virtual Desktop.png

SmartWorkspaces for Windows Virtual Desktop: SmartWorkspaces simplifies Windows Virtual Desktop management and support by automating common manual processes. Streamline support, optimize user profile size, and perform remote assistance.

Solteq Cloud POS.png

Solteq Cloud POS: This cash register system can be deployed quickly to support omnichannel sales. Solteq Cloud POS supports traditional cash registers, mobile terminals, self-service kiosks, cash dispensers, and online stores.

SOPHiA Platform.png

SOPHiA Platform: SOPHiA GENETICS’ platform unlocks health data through genomic and imaging data analysis for the management of cancer and rare diseases. SOPHiA allows clinical researchers to act with precision and confidence to improve health outcomes worldwide.

SphereShield Ethical Wall for Skype for Business.png

SphereShield Ethical Wall for Skype for Business: AGAT Software Development LTD’s SphereShield Ethical Wall for Skype for Business lets you control who your Skype for Business users communicate with internally or externally. You can control or block specific options such as chat or file sharing.

SphereShield MDM Integration for Skype.png

SphereShield MDM Integration for Skype for Business: The Mobile Device Management (MDM) Conditional Access Solution from AGAT Software Development LTD lets you ensure that users log in to Skype for Business only from devices managed by MDM.

Survalyzer Survey Software.png

Survalyzer Survey Software: Survalyzer NG is a SaaS solution for creating, sending, analyzing, and visualizing surveys. Survalyzer includes unlimited respondents and works in more than 55 languages.

Symphony for SAP.png

Symphony for SAP: Basis Expert Consulting Services’ Symphony for SAP lets you orchestrate your SAP Basis and cloud operations on Microsoft Azure. You can automate actions across complex layers to increase efficiency and productivity.

Syncier Cloud Cockpit.png

Syncier Cloud Cockpit: Cloud Cockpit from Syncier lets you centralize Kubernetes cluster management and automate compliance. Cloud Cockpit streamlines the management of multiple clusters and environments with a centralized platform, simplifying the deployment of applications via GitOps.

Syncier GRNRY.png

Syncier GRNRY: Syncier’s GRNRY collects data in real time, optimizing the pipeline for explorative, analytical, and predictive use cases and event-driven integration scenarios for product development.

Syncier Marketplace Public Area.png

Syncier Marketplace Public Area: Syncier offers a public marketplace for third-party APIs and software extensions relevant to the highly regulated insurance industry. Improve your offerings with digital services that integrate seamlessly into existing systems.


SynCloud: SynCloud is a cloud economy cost management solution to optimize cloud spending across multiple cloud environments. SynCloud uses AI to overcome billing complexity.

SysKit Point.png

SysKit Point: SysKit Point is a cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance app made for administrators, IT professionals, and business managers to govern user access, security configuration, and content. The app lets you delegate governance and tasks, generate global security reports, and audit SharePoint.

TradeEdge Market Connect.png

TradeEdge Market Connect: TradeEdge Market Connect is an automated two-way data exchange platform that enables the acquisition of sales, order, inventory, invoice, or similar information from channel partners, and it delivers the same information to manufacturers.

Triofox Server.png

Triofox Server: Triofox from Gladinet adds cloud enhancements to existing Windows file servers to address business concerns about security, privacy, compliance, and control. Keep data on-premises while making it available through an HTTPS-encrypted cloud layer.

Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Minimal.png

Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from Tidal Media includes a minimal version of Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. Ubuntu minimal images are optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and a reduced security vulnerability profile.

Virtual Desktop Configurator for Media Production.png

Virtual Desktop Configurator for Media Production: Support Partners' Creative Cloud VDI configurator lets you quickly customize and deploy a fully configured virtual environment in Microsoft Azure to allow you to manage Adobe Creative Cloud media production for your users.


VisitorLAB: VisitorLab is a session-based web analytics service and tool that lets you see what your visitors see. Understand user behavior by tracking interactions, observing user movements, and detecting errors.

Consulting services

1-day app Innovation Assessment - Voice & KI.png

1-Day App Innovation Assessment: Voice & KI: With a focus on product innovation, kuehlhaus will identify possibilities for voice interaction and AI using Microsoft Azure AI services. kuehlhaus will then deliver a summary of actions to pursue. This service is available only in German.

1-day assessment for existing solutions.png

1-day assessment for existing solutions: In this assessment, kuehlhaus will identify optimization possibilities and provide a summary of recommendations and rearchitecting based on Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in German.

Analytics Service - Build Data Platform.png

Analytics Service - Build Data Platform: 2-Week Implementation: In this offer, B3IT Management will build and implement a cloud-based business intelligence solution using Microsoft Azure data services, then build an interactive Microsoft Power BI dashboard based on your data.

Azure Backup Workshop - 1 day workshop.png Azure Backup Workshop - 1-day workshop: infoWAN's workshop will introduce Microsoft Azure Backup, set up a backup job, create a backup report with Microsoft Power BI, and compose related email notifications. This service is available only in German.
Azure Cloud Infrastructure Basics.png

Azure Cloud Infrastructure Basics: 2-Day Workshop: Deep Network's workshop will provide an overview of cloud computing and core Microsoft Azure services. Prerequisites include experience with files and directories, Git basics, basic coding skills, and an Azure subscription with a Contributor role.

Azure Cloud Readiness- 4-week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Readiness: 4-Week Assessment: Looking to move to the cloud? Headspring's assessment will determine your specific needs and devise a plan to equip you for success. Deliverables include a diagram of the proposed system architecture, a list of cloud migration options, and a migration cost analysis.

Azure Cloud Strategy- 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Strategy: 4-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Valence Group will look at your current challenges, processes, infrastructure, and goals, then provide a recommendation for Microsoft Azure services to fit your business strategy.

Azure Cost Optimization- 10 Days Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 10-Day Assessment: To optimize your Microsoft Azure spending, it's essential to have a good understanding of available options and how they interact. In this engagement, CloudIBN will assess your infrastructure needs to improve your total cost of ownership.

Azure DevOps Starter- 3 Days Workshop.png

Azure DevOps Starter: 3-Day Workshop: NEOSYS will conduct this technical workshop via Microsoft Teams. The first day will involve Agile planning and configuring CI/CD pipelines. On the second day, NEOSYS will create an Azure Resource Manager template. The third day will focus on creating dashboards.

Azure DevSecOps Service- 6 week assessment.png

Azure DevSecOps Service: 6-week assessment: Leaven, part of Computer Concepts Limited, will conduct a security review of your applications, Microsoft Azure subscriptions, and Azure DevOps to help you understand the security profile of your tenancy and apply fixes to vulnerabilities.

Azure Infra with Terraform.png

Azure Infra. with Terraform: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Deep Network will teach you how to use HashiCorp Terraform to deploy Microsoft Azure infrastructure and infrastructure-as-code practices. Terraform is an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure.

Azure Serverless App Development.png

Azure Serverless App Development: 2-Day Workshop: Over two days, Deep Network will show you the foundational concepts of serverless computing and how to use Microsoft Azure Functions. Workshop participants will be able to implement a complete message-processing system.

Azure Synapse Analytics 2-weeks Implementation.png

Azure Synapse Analytics 2-Week Implementation: Microsoft Azure Synapse helps organizations build modern data architecture that enables efficient work with big data. This offer from CLOUD SERVICES will integrate data with data sources and deploy your migration data model to Azure Synapse.

Azure- Windows Virtual Desktop (Native) 3 Day POC.png

Azure- Windows Virtual Desktop (Native) 3-Day POC: In this proof of concept, SyCom will identify your business objectives and use Windows Virtual Desktop to deliver secure remote work capabilities. This offer includes consultation, implementation services, licensing, and monitoring.

Azure- WVD (Citrix Cloud) 3 Day POC.png

Azure- WVD (Citrix Cloud) 3-Day POC: In this proof of concept, SyCom will identify your business objectives and use Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud to deliver secure remote work capabilities. This offer includes consultation, implementation services, licensing, and monitoring.

AzWell - Azure Wellness check.png

AzWell - Azure Wellness check: 2-week assessment: This assessment from Eighty20 Solutions will focus on one key question: Are you using Microsoft Azure as well as you could be? Using various frameworks, Eighty20 Solutions will help your company optimize your Azure costs, security, and operations.

Basic Cloud Cost Optimization- 1-Wk Implementation.png

Basic Cloud Cost Optimization: 1-Week Implementation: Rare Crew will assess your organization's cloud infrastructure and identify potential cost leakages. Rare Crew will then implement real-time monitoring of Microsoft Azure resources and measure usage patterns to enable greater efficiency.

CAF aligned Cloud Assessment & Migration 10 Weeks.png

CAF aligned Cloud Assessment & Migration: 10 Weeks: In this implementation service, Wipro's Cloud Studio model, aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, will help customers accelerate their cloud-led transformation. Customers will be able to plan, migrate, govern, and sustain varied workloads.

Chat bots on Azure- 1-day workshop.png

Chat bots on Azure: 1-day workshop: Awara IT's workshop will demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Bot Framework to create bots for business operations support. The workshop is intended for software developers with basic skills.

Cloud Native WorkLab - 1-day workshop.png

Cloud Native WorkLab - 1-day workshop: In this workshop, prodot GmbH will create and document demand-driven solution architecture for your organization's software. You'll also receive a test deployment on your Microsoft Azure subscription.

Cloud Service for Azure- Managed Infrastructure.png

Cloud Service for Azure: Managed Infrastructure: With this managed service, Fujitsu Finland Oy will monitor your company's Microsoft Azure infrastructure and workloads. You'll benefit from quick adoption of new Azure features and consistent delivery across on-premises, hosted, cloud, and edge infrastructure.

Cloud Service for Azure- Platform Support [finland].png

Cloud Service for Azure: Platform Support (Finland): Fujitsu Finland Oy's platform support services for Microsoft Azure include extensive automation using Azure Lighthouse, straightforward Azure consumption-based pricing, and a clear line of support and escalation.

Cloud Service for Azure- Platform Support [uk].png

Cloud Service for Azure: Platform Support (UK): Fujitsu Services United Kingdom's platform support services for Microsoft Azure include extensive automation using Azure Lighthouse, straightforward Azure consumption-based pricing, and a clear line of support and escalation.

Data Warehouse- 1-day assessment.png

Data Warehouse: 1-day assessment: Awara IT's assessment, intended for banks and manufacturing companies, will enable clients to more efficiently use large amounts of data. Awara IT will evaluate the client's environment to determine the best way to implement a data warehouse using Microsoft Azure services.

Digital Strategy with Azure- 2-Day Workshop.png

Digital Strategy with Azure: 2-Day Workshop: Discover IT's workshop will flesh out your company's digital goals and compare them to your current digital landscape. Discover IT will consider any pain points and will propose solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

Effective AKS and Logging- 3 day Workshop.png

Effective AKS and Logging: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Deep Network will give an overview of managing logs inside an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. Participants will then work with Elasticsearch and Kibana. There will also be time for some hands-on experience with Fluentd and Fluent Bit.

GitHub Enterprise Adoption Jumpstart - 2 Wk Imp.png

GitHub Enterprise Adoption Jumpstart - 2-Week Implementation: Quisitive will help your organization adopt and implement GitHub Enterprise to manage and deliver custom solutions to Microsoft Azure. This will allow you to maximize developer velocity.

IAM Assessment- 4wk Assessment.png

IAM Assessment: 4-Week Assessment: This security and automation assessment from Innofactor, based on the Innofactor identity journey framework, will include an envisioning workshop, recommendations for Microsoft Azure Active Directory security and automation, and a roadmap for how to proceed.

Innofactor Azure Starter pack - 5wk implementation.png

Innofactor Azure Starter pack - 5-week implementation: Over a period of five weeks, Innofactor will combine workshops and education with the delivery of a Microsoft Azure landing zone so your business can transition to a hybrid-cloud or cloud-only way of working.

MS SQL to Azure Migration- 3 Weeks Implementation.png

Microsoft SQL to Azure Migration: 3-Week Implementation: Migrate your Microsoft SQL database to Azure with the expertise of CloudIBN. CloudIBN will design a migration project plan, set up Azure infrastructure, oversee a pilot migration, and then conduct the live migration and handover.

PUBSEC Cloud Adoption Framework- 2 Day Assessment.png

PUBSEC Cloud Adoption Framework: 2-Day Assessment: Sol-Tec's assessment will benchmark your organization's workloads against their current state and your aspirational priorities to identify any gaps in governance. Sol-Tec will help you understand your cloud adoption journey and will provide personalized recommendations to accelerate it.

Sitecore on Azure PaaS - 1 hr Assessment.png

Sitecore on Azure PaaS - 1-Hour Assessment: Are you considering migrating your Sitecore solution to the cloud? Learn how Valtech and its global consulting and managed services for Sitecore PaaS on Microsoft Azure can deliver secure and flexible development, deployment, migration, and support.

Syncier Managed Kubernetes.png

Syncier Managed Kubernetes: Unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure by automating container operations with Syncier's multi-cloud Kubernetes-as-a-service solution. Syncier will adapt your Kubernetes environment to your IT infrastructure and offer personalized support.

VDI Envisioning Workshop- 4-hour Workshop.png

VDI Envisioning Workshop: 4-Hour Workshop: This envisioning workshop from Support Partners will discuss virtual desktop infrastructure and provide clients with a strategy to transition their creative workflows to Microsoft Azure.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup- 1-Day Implementation.png

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup: 1-Day Implementation: PEAKUP will implement Veeam Cloud Connect, a secure and scalable cloud repository for Veeam Backup & Replication environments. Veeam Backup & Replication offers built-in cloud extensibility by using Microsoft Azure Blob storage accounts.

Virtual Data Center- 2 wk Implementation.png

Virtual Data Center: 2-Week Implementation: Innofactor Norway will implement a pre-configured Microsoft Azure landing zone of a virtual datacenter built with an infrastructure-as-code approach. The datacenter will be secure, governed by design, and implemented from Innofactor code libraries.

Virtual Desktop- 2-Week Implementation.png

Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: RAKE's engineers will deliver a Windows Virtual Desktop environment to allow your employees to access everything they need to work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 2 Week Proof of Concept.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Hexaware’s fully managed vWorkspace uses Windows Virtual Desktop to tackle remote work. This proof of concept allows users to test-drive Windows Virtual Desktop using their personal devices.

Windows virtual desktop- 4-hours assessment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-hour assessment: Awara IT aims to minimize IT infrastructure costs with this assessment, which will consider whether Windows Virtual Desktop is the right remote-work tool for your business. This offer is for companies employing at least 50 people.

WorkZone- 5-Day Implementation.png

WorkZone: 5-Day Implementation: Neos IT will set up a secure and compliant virtual workplace for your company. This managed service includes virtual desktop infrastructure, licenses, subscriptions, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Neos IT's premium support.

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