AzUpdate S04E02: Azure DevOps, Azure ARC, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Monitor.
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Hello Folks,


Welcome back to AZ Update. This week Jay (@jaydestro) and I have gone through the listing of news capabilities and other announcements to bring you the four we think are impactful for the IT and ops audience.


This week we’ll cover updates for Azure DevOps, Azure ARC, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Monitor .

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Azure DevOps updates




Regularly the product group rolls out a set of updates to the services under the Azure DevOps family of services.  This month some of the new capabilities now allow you to copy a dashboard to a different team, the same team, or a different project - and team and query configuration is updated in the new dashboard.  This minimizes the work required to build similar dashboards from scratch for multiple teams/projects.


We also included multiple updates to Azure Pipelines, to the way you can assign Azure DevOps Administrator role to an Azure AD group among others.


For more details start here.


Landing zone accelerator for Azure Arc-enabled servers





Azure Arc-enabled servers landing zone accelerator makes it easier for customers to increase security, governance, and compliance posture on servers that are deployed outside of Azure. Along with Azure Arc, services such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Sentinel, Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Policy, and many others are included in the reference implementations that can then be extended to production environments


You can find all the documentation and scenarios covered here.


Azure Key Vault service limits





Subscription wide limit and per vault limit are now doubled, that means that for secret GET and RSA 2,048-bit software keys, you'll receive 4,000 GET transactions per 10 seconds vs 2,000 per 10 seconds previously.


The service quotas are specific to operation type and the entire list can be accessed in Azure Key Vault Service Limits. You can also view your Key Vault's usage on the 'Overview' page in the Azure portal on the "Monitoring" tab.


Learn more about Monitor Key Vault with Key Vault insights and monitoring metrics for Azure Key Vault.


Azure Monitor - Support for private links available on the new agent (preview)





Support for private virtual network configurations via private links on the new Azure Monitor agent is now in public preview.  While using Private Links, traffic between your virtual network and the service travels the Microsoft backbone network. Exposing your service to the public internet is no longer necessary.


You can create your own private link service in your virtual network and deliver it to your customers. Setup and consumption using Azure Private Link is consistent across Azure PaaS, customer-owned, and shared partner services.


This new support allows you to operate in restricted environments that need special networking requirements and isolation from the public internet. More information below:



MS Learn Module of the Week



This week…. 


Azure ARC is the most practical way for you to integrate support for Azure services across all your resources wherever they may be.  Therefore, this week for the Learn Module of the week we recommend Introduction to Azure Arc.


Check it out!


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you online. Please, no not hesitate to comment below.  We would love your comments and suggestions.





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