Why choose Microsoft Azure IoT for your IoT hardware project?


With the many open source options for IoT hardware projects, you may ask yourself 'Why choose Microsoft?


In a recent blog post by Sally Frank (Healthcare IoT Advisor at Microsoft), the leaders of two healthcare hardware startups tell their reasons for choosing Microsoft Azure IoT and Azure services as the software platform of choice.


Adrian Gilmore, the CEO of Peerbridge Health (maker of the Peerbridge Cor wearable electrocardiogram) commented that Azure IoT provides both the secure data stream needed, and the cloud tools to enable presentation of that data to doctors. He additionally referenced an engagement with the Microsoft AI and IoT Insider Lab to hone the product's digital strategy.


Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria Health (part of the team delivering the Motus Smart boot for diabetic patients), gave three reasons for selecting Azure services: 1) A rich set of already known development tools; 2) Azure's openness to open source; 3) Microsoft's understanding of the enterprise market.


Check out the full blog post for the complete story -  IoT sensors and wearables revolutionize patient care

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