Support Tip: Search for exact device name returns “No devices found”
Published Mar 27 2019 10:04 PM 6,138 Views

One of the new things we added to Intune is an exact search syntax. We determined that often customers were using specific terms (e.g., but we would automatically do a wildcard search. This caused the query to go through too many pieces of data to return anything in a reasonable time, so it returned "No devices found".


To use this new syntax, provided you know one of the complete device identifier, such as device name, management name, serial number, IMEI, email, or UPN, simply put your query in brackets – {query} and then the service can find exact matches and avoid "No devices found" results.


For example, you can query on:


     Or {serialnumber}, etc.


Hopefully this tip will help you be successful searching for your devices!

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