Reminder – Move to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center for all your Intune administration

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Have you logged into and seen the following banner?




Or, did you read the two Message Center posts – MC208118 (back in March, 2020) and then MC211982 (May, 2020)? If so, you’re fully aware that Intune administration is now at


If you haven’t read the messages or seen the banner, then just be aware that on August 1, 2020, future development of Intune will be focused at Here’s answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. There are no changes to graph.
  2. You’ll still have an entry point in which will redirect you to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  3. Where possible, we’ll put redirects on popular Intune blades at to remind you of this change.
  4. New features will be shipped in


Docs have been updated. Let us know if you have any additional questions on this updated admin experience, and see you at!


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We need a (working) entry point in the Azure Portal for us admins who use the Azure Portal App (

The following flow breaks the app:

Open the app

Click Intune

Click the banner, redirects to

As it opens a new tab, the flow is broken and you cannot get back to the Azure portal without closing the app.


The preferred solution would be to have a Endpoint Manager blade in the main Azure portal.

Hi @Kasper Jensen, thank you for the feedback. We’re looking into this and will keep you updated on our findings.

Hi @Kasper Jensen, we've passed along your feedback to the team, and they are working towards a fix. Will update you once a fix is in. Thank you for the feedback!

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We are currently using for managing and in some documentation. Is it recommended to update that to

Hi @AmarnathK, has been replaced by, and though it will continue to work and redirect, we recommend you start accessing the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center using the new URL.

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Hi @Intune Support Team,

do you have any further information about some still missing features in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, only available in Azure Portal at the moment?


These are (as far as I know)

  • Azure AD Devices in Azure Portal via "Devices"→"Azure AD Devices" or "Azure AD"→"Devices"
  • Enrollment-reports via ("Intune")→"Device Enrollment"→Monitor
    • Autopilot deployments (preview)
    • Enrollment failures
    • Incomplete user enrollments

I already asked support, but the only answer was that every feature now available in Azure Portal will be available in MEM or will still be accessible in Azure Portal.


I altough wanted to ask, if there are plans to add "Azure AD Priviliged Identity Management" to MEM.
We are using PIM-activated roles for some tasks (e.g. wipe of a device) and are therefore forced to still activate these roles in Azure Portal but then do the job in MEM.

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Hi @Intune Support Team 


So my main question is...


Does everything migrate from In-tune to Microsoft Endpoint Manager?


Is there anything that we have to do from our end



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Hi @Intune Support Team 

Currently , We have SCCM in place and small started for intune. Since Microsoft announced to unified SCCM and Intune with all other Endpoint Management tools into one as Unified Endpoint Management.  


How can we integrate existing SCCM and Intune into one interface as Unified Endpoint Management? Does it require any particular version to be upgrade for SCCM or Any specific configuration require ?





Hi @SeMeDe, thanks for the feedback! No dates to share at this time, but we’ve captured your feedback on improving the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.


We would also like to announce that PIM will show up under the Tenant Admin blade with this month's (2007) Intune service release. It’s coming!

Hi @vegarjb, no admin or user interaction is required with this URL change.
However, if you currently use, bookmarked, or have documented: either, or, you may want to get those updated to

Hi @thantzinpro, thanks for the question! Here’s a guide to get started: Configuration Manager | Co-management.

@Kasper Jensen, just a heads up that the owning teams are aware of the issue and hope to get a fix in soon. Thank you for the report!

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Hello @Intune Support Team 
first of all thank you so much for implementing Privileged Identity Management in MEM.
Now we were able to direct our first level support to only use MEM in the future.

Regarding my previous post I asked for...


Azure AD Devices in Azure Portal via "Devices"→"Azure AD Devices" or "Azure AD"→"Devices"

  • Enrollment-reports via ("Intune")→"Device Enrollment"→Monitor
    • Autopilot deployments (preview)
    • Enrollment failures
    • Incomplete user enrollments

I don't know if I missed it in the past.
But when I now look in MEM I can find the mentioned enrollment reports here:
Devices->Monitor->section "Enrollment".

Can you confirm a UI update or did I only miss this in the past?


Therefore the last thing missing in MEM (if I didn't missed something else) is the view of the Azure AD devices.

For the moment I use Azure Portal instead (I hope this is still possible after 8/1) or in MEM I go to Devices->Enroll devices->Devices and when clicking this AutoPilot (AP) entry I am able to choose the corresponding Azure AD entry.
But this is of course a little bit hidden and is altough only possible for devices with AP entry. I am not able to search for staled Azure AD entries or something like this.

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I don't think this new Endpoint is better. Now I first need to elivate my rights in first and then go to Endpoint. In the past this was in the same portal and now I need to open more screens. Also in the past this was working fine in a private screen of the Edge browser and now I need to use Chrome to get this working. So I can't use an Microsoft product in a Microsoft browser :(.


Please go back to the past (Intune) version as this one works far more nice (better), It's still not cler to me why this change is needed.

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We used to make changes to our Conditional access using Intune portal. Where can we find it now? I cannot seem to find it on the new intune portal.

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EPM->Endpoint Security-> Conditional Access or through AAD portal Azure Active Directory -> Security -> Conditional Access


They both point to the same place




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@vegarjb Thank you very much. Found it.

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