What happened this week in IoT at and around Microsoft?
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Here is your weekly digest of what happened in IoT over the past week.

Add bookmarks, set your playlists, and plan for fun projects over the weekend to catch up on the news you might have missed while busy at work this week... because a LOT happened and was discussed.

From Microsoft announcing NXP support for Windows IoT, Qualcomm announcing upcoming Azure Sphere chips, to interesting articles about IoT data over sound or how Azure IoT is used to remotely monitor the health of green walls, I'm sure you'll want to carve some reading time over the weekend.

We also published a new IoT Show episode to discussed IoT at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite event and our IoT champs also pushed out some fun projects that you will love.


Enjoy and have a great weekend!



Hello Cortana, will Microsoft overtake the IoT space ?

How Data-Over-Sound Will Ensure A Permanently Connected IoT World

Rigado updates Edge-as-a-Service offering for IoT

Perceptual Informatics uses Azure Maps for their AI for Earth research

Azure IoT Central is now available in Asia Pacific

Microsoft Bolsters Windows IoT with NXP and SQL Server Support

Microsoft Expands IoT And Edge Computing Portfolio With Windows And SQL Server

Qualcomm to develop chips for Microsoft Azure Sphere IoT operating system

‘Living Wall’ Creator Cultivates and Builds IoT Solution Using Microsoft and Cradlepoint to Remotely...

Advanced IoT Application Support in .NET Core 3 with System.Device.Gpio





SupplychainBrain Podcast | Why IoT Pilots Fail — and What to Do About It



Easily send random generated D2C messages to IoT Hub with Azure IoT Hub Tools

Check out new "Intelligent alarm" project for Vision AI Dev Kit
Azure IoT PnP application to enable remote interaction and telemetry in IoT Central for DeepStream o...

Fridge monitoring with SensorTile.box and Microsoft Azure IoT Central

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