Non-Windows 10 devices registration in AAD with Pass-Through Authentication (PTA)

Karsten Kleinschmidt
New Contributor

A customer would like to register his legacy devices (Win 7) in Azure AD to take advantage of Conditional Access scenarios with corporate devices.


According to it requires Integrated Windows Auth (IWA) with ADFS

I do not want to deploy a complex, global, redundant ADFS infrastructure just for device registration.

Can PTA also be used as it supports IWA, too.


Are there any plans for non-federated environments with Win7 devices for AAD device registrations?

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To support Automatic Registration of domain joined Win 7/8 devices you do need AD FS. We are investigating if we can enable this together with PTA but nothing to announce or confirm at this time.

Brjann Brekkan
Azure AD Program Manager


thanks for the update. I hope something will come, as I would like to avoid a global, geo-redundant farm for ADFS just for the Device Registration.