Top Picks for Sessions on Microsoft Ignite The Tour - February Edition

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Hello Humans of IT!


Hopefully everyone around the world has had or will be having an opportunity to attend Microsoft Ignite The Tour in person sometime this year. It's a FREE two-day learning event, and a great opportunity to connect with your fellow humans in tech. 


Microsoft speaker Dona Sarkar speaks to a packed audience on the Humans of IT track at Microsoft Ignite The Tour LondonMicrosoft speaker Dona Sarkar speaks to a packed audience on the Humans of IT track at Microsoft Ignite The Tour London


As many of you may have already known, we have a Humans of IT track on the tour which has one core mission: To empower technologists globally to make our world a better, kinder place for all by leveraging tech for good. This month, Microsoft Ignite The Tour will stop in Washington DC, Dubai, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore, Prague and Copenhagen.


Washington DC is already happening as we speak (trust us, ALL the sessions are amazing over there- you can't go wrong with attending all of them!), but here are a few upcoming sessions outside of the US that you don't want to miss if you're in town:


City: Dubai (February 10-11, 2020)

  • Title: AI to improve life quality of Dementia patients, caregivers and families
    Speaker(s): Fauzia Awan and Jad Salloun
    What you will learn: Dementia is a broad category of brain diseases that cause decline of cognitive ability. Did you know that there are 50 million people living with dementia worldwide? Through this session, you will learn how AI aims to increase quality of life for those suffering from dementia, helps reduce the family care burden, and increases care access to low-and middle-income countries. To inspire your own Tech for Good journey, Fauzia will walkthrough what her team has done to change many lives.


  • Title: Safety and Cyberbullying
    Speaker(s): Paula Januszkiewicz
    What you will learn: This session by MVP Paula Januszkiewicz will teach you how to recognize cyberbullying, how to avoid related activities/behaviors, and how to stop blackmailing, phishing or data breaches.


City: Sydney (February 13-14, 2020)

  • Title: When disaster strikes - building resilience in individuals, businesses and communities
    Speaker(s): Sonia Cuff (MS Cloud Advocate and State Emergency Service volunteer), Craig Chiffers (Microsoft MVP & Rural Fire Service volunteer firefighter), and Amanda Robinson (Australian Red Cross Head of Social Innovation)
    What you will learn: Come learn about the latest Australian bushfires, how technology plays a part during disasters and what you can do to ensure that you, your business and your community are prepared. You’ll also hear how the Australian Red Cross is looking at technology innovation for managing future disaster events.


  • Title: Humans who empower
    Speaker(s): Dona Sarkar, Kenny Singh, Christopher Kapnopulos, Alyssea Nicole, Sarah Pak, and Geoffrey Frost
    What you will learn: Listen in on a series of fireside chats with inspiring individuals who have created tools that enable more people to achieve more and make a difference. From Microsoft PowerApps supporting homelessness to AI breaking down barriers for people with disabilities, you’ll hear riveting personal stories that help you understand how many humans and tools at Microsoft have worked to build greater impact.


City: Singapore (February 20-21, 2020)

  • Title: How a historian became a developer
    Speaker(s): Marco Kwak
    What you will learn: Are you a non-traditional technologist? As a self-taught engineer with 6 years of software development experience, Marco Kwak explains how becoming an engineer gave him the greatest, most unexpected opportunities in his liferunning businesses, publishing a book, and teaching programming—to name a few. Listen to Kwak’s story to understand how you too can turn your visionary mindset into a reality.


  • Title: Visualizing urbanization: Finding rural areas in South Korea
    Speaker(s): Sujin Lee and JinYoung Kim
    What you will learn: The imbalance between Seoul and the rest of the country has become a significant social problem in South Korea since the 1970s industrialization. About 50% of the population lives in Seoul and the Metropolitan area and all major facilities are concentrated. Through this session, understand how technology contributes to the examination of cultural and economic marginalization, supporting a more balanced development of regions in urban cities.


City: Prague (February 24-25, 2020)

  • Title: Upskilling - how can you still build your career in tech or Life-long learning - how youth, women and the general public can build a career in tech
    Speaker(s): Dita Prikrylova
    What you will learn: Come learn how you can get involved with this non-profit on an individual, community, and organizational basis. Czechitas is non-profit organization that is (1) popularizing tech education and life-long learning among youth, women and the general public, (2) providing students with IT and digital skills and (3) guiding them on innovative ideas implementation and on career transit to professions of the future.


  • Title: An AI solution to solve mismanaged waste and trash blindness
    Speaker(s): Kristin Kerge
    What you will learn: Better educate yourself waste intervention and what Let’s Do It Foundation’s AI tool is doing to help manage waste. In this presentation Kristin Kerge explains how visualizing mismanaged solid waste and waste-related pollution in cities with the help of technology can help to cure trash blindness. As trash blindness is a global problem we need smart technology like AI to cure it.


City: Copenhagen (February 27-28, 2020)

  • Title: The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff          
    Speaker(s): Sarah Freiesleben
    What you will learn: Learn what makes the intersection between humans and technology so complex, how we can catalyze this for good, and what tools help us organize this undertaking.

For the full list of city dates and schedule, click here. See you there!


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