FSLogix 2210 (2.9.8361.52326) bugs: black screen and log off issues

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Hi all, there seem to be a couple of bugs in FSLogix 2210 (2.9.8361.52326): some users experience a black screen when logging on (loading their profile may take up to 10-15 minutes), session logoffs don’t work (child processes have to be killed) and user profile roaming between different session hosts is problematic.

Workaround: I had to fall back to the FSLogix 2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276). There were no more issues since then. For now I keep all my customers on this build.

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I seem to be having the same problem on a new 2022 Server with this same version.  



Also had major issues with this version. Nightmare!  Disabling Appx and disabling roaming the recycle bin helped but we rolled back to 2.9.7838.44263, This seems the be the only stable version in a long time.

I'm so glad you replied this. I rolled back to another version that wasn't working. The 7838 build works perfectly. Thanks.
Hi mmcnabb, I am in contact with the FSlogix team and provided them diagnostics. Keep you posted!

Hi Trixsta, the roaming recyclebin feature (a new feature in this version) was slowing down the logon (cf. FSlogix logs). Adding the regkey manually to each session host helped for this issue but not the other issues.

The fact that we have to go that far back is hot garbage, fslogix is riddled with bugs. How did you land on that one vs the next few?
Just from testing the new releases. The last 3 releases have been problematic.
We had the same issues and had to roll back. Any idea when the new release is due out?



Also had the same problem, black screens, slow logons, no logons. Disabled roaming recycle bin and AppX fixed the issue so far.

@MathieuVandenHautte Have you gotten any update from Microsoft regarding this issue?


We had this exact issue recently. Whats strange is that it was only impacting a small subset of users while other logged in just fine. We have also downgraded to FSLogix (2201 hotfix 2) and are currently rolling that out slowly.

Hey there,

Not sure if youve heard back from Microsoft regarding this issue but it looks like the have formally logged it into a bug tracker:

It appears that the issue is caused when the service attempts to empty the recycle bin at login. Not sure why it would do this if its roaming it but there you have it. I always keep my recyclebin empty which is why i could not reproduce it. Once i saw this I tested by adding something into the recycle bin and was able to reproduce the issue.

It sound like we will be getting a hotfix soon. The workaround is to disable the recyclebin roam feature either via gpo or registry. Registry modification is quick via PS (or reg.exe):
Set-ItemProperty HKLM:\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Apps -Name RoamRecycleBin -Type DWORD -Value 0 -PassThru



We did this and still had many users with login issues.

Oh wow. It worked for me during testing but i chose to hold off until they release the hotfix before I do any real UAT testing or moving into prod. I get the idea of wanting to roam the recyclebin but it just doesnt sound practical.
we've got the same issue and could workaround with disable the recycle bin. thanks so far guys!



Thank you for your efforts on this. Will give the new version a test in UAT and post an update.