Filter function returning a "0" (Zero) when the source cell is blank or null

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Hello all,


I'm hoping that this isn't too obvious but I've noticed this situation several times and have had to work around it.


 I have a situation where the output of a FILTER function is creating a "0" (Zero) when the input cell is blank. I' tested for possible spaces or a real zero in the source and come up dry. The source really is a null.


The end result is when I go to compare the contents of the output cell in a SUMIFS there is a no-match situation and the values I need are not added into the sum. 


As long as the source cell has anything in it, other than a null, all is good. 


I've seen this before but have yet to find an answer.


This is the formula I'm using to create the data I need. The Cell in question is Transactions!Expense_Sub_Center. When if is Null or empty I get a zero-entry in the output cell.


=SORT((FILTER(CHOOSE({1,2,3,4,5,6},Transactions!Provider,Transactions!Expense_Center, Transactions!Expense_Sub_Center,Transactions!Account,Transactions!Due_Date,Transactions!Budgeted_Amount),(Transactions!Provider<>"")*(Transactions!Expense_Center<>"")*(Transactions!Category="Expense")*(Transactions!Budgeted_Amount<>""),"")),{1,2,3,4,5,6})


I've attached a copy of the file. The source sheet is "Transactions" and the output sheet is "Budget Table".


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Unfortunately this converts everything to text. 

Excellent, worked like a charm for me and very easy to apply.