Whitelist 10.* IP range in Content Settings GPO policies

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My company wants to implement a strict security model with our Edge rollout through GPO policies.


Our standard settings for all Internet sites are strict (no 3rd party cookies, no flash, no notifications, no popups, no geolocation), and I have added our local domain to the Allow policies for each of these.


We also have a number of internal systems (printers etc) which we access through IP address (10.x.x.x)  I would like to also add these to the Allow policies but can't get it working.


I only want to Allow IPs that begin with 10. meaning that e.g. should be blocked. I also want to allow both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.  I have tried as many combinations that I can think of, but nothing works. Any ideas?


I need something like *://10.*  The examples in the descriptions use square brackets, so shouldn't this work?  [*.]://10.[*.]

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@Tom_Fox We have the exact same issue. Does anyone have any ideas?