Microsoft AI Classroom Hackathon: Reimagine Education with Azure AI and Databases 26th Oct - 5th Dec
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Are you a student with a passion for data and AI solutions, eager to shape the future of education? Microsoft presents an incredible opportunity for you to showcase your talents and win exciting prizes while doing so. Welcome to the Microsoft "AI Classroom" University Hackathon, where you can harness the power of Azure AI and Azure Databases to revolutionize education.

Who Can Participate?

If you're a college student of legal age, you're eligible to join this hackathon. This competition is exclusively for students, and professional organizations are excluded from participation. Students from all around the world are welcome to take part. 

Why Focus on Education?

Education is the cornerstone of the future, and AI is set to redefine how the next generation learns. Microsoft invites you to join the movement to empower students with the skills to innovate and think big. By participating, you can shape the future of education.

What You Get

By taking part in this hackathon, you'll gain invaluable experience:

  • Try Out AI Functionality: Experiment with cutting-edge AI features.
  • Gain Experience with Azure: Learn to work with Azure's powerful tools.
  • Learn from Microsoft Leaders: Access knowledge and insights from experts.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Win the chance for mentorship within Microsoft.
  • Promotion: Get featured on Microsoft's social channels.
  • Direct Presentation: Showcase your project to Microsoft executives.

Getting Started

  1. Register for the Hackathon on Devpost: Sign up to participate.

  2. Join the Discord Support Channel: Connect with fellow participants.

  3. Watch Tutorials: Learn how to use Azure AI effectively.

  4. Brainstorm Ideas: Utilize Devpost's Idea Generator for inspiration.

  5. Access Azure for Students: Request access to an Azure for Students account.


Your task is to build an intelligent application using Azure AI and Azure Data Services that reimagines the future of education. Whether it's a fully-fledged app, prototype, reference application, or schematic model, all are welcome.

Your submission should include:

  • A URL to your working app and clear testing instructions for judges.
  • A public GitHub repository with an open-source license (MIT, Apache 2.0, or 3-Clause BSD).
  • A 3-5 minute video demonstrating your project's use of Azure AI and Data Services, highlighting its potential impact on education.


There's a total of $11,000 in prizes up for grabs. Categories include:

  • Technical Project (First Place): $5,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, and more.
  • Technical Project (Second Place): $2,500 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, and more.
  • Technical Project (Third Place): $1,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, and more.
  • Best No Code Project: $500 USD.
  • Best Undergraduate Student App: $1,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, and more.
  • Best Graduate Student App: $1,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, and more.

Judges and Criteria

Your projects will be evaluated by a panel of qualified judges based on these criteria:

  1. Technological Implementation: Does your project demonstrate high-quality software development and effective use of Azure services?
  2. Potential Impact: How substantial of a positive impact can your project have on the future of education?
  3. Quality of the Idea: How creative and groundbreaking is your project in reimagining the future of education?

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to make a difference and showcase your skills. Join the Microsoft AI Classroom Hackathon and help shape the future of education using the power of Azure AI and databases. Get ready to innovate, learn, and win exciting prizes!

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