Enhance Your Online Security: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
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As you embark on your journey back to college or university, it's essential to prioritize the security of your digital assets, especially when dealing with platforms like Microsoft Azure. One of the most effective ways to fortify your online defenses is by implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and in this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process, step by step of how-to setup 2FA and recovery your (2FA) authenticator setting is loose or misplace your device.

The Step-by-Step Process to Safeguard Your Azure Account
By following these steps, you'll have successfully added Two-Factor Authentication to your Microsoft Azure account, significantly enhancing your online security. Remember that you can also easily remove your account's connection to a previous Microsoft
Authenticator App.

Thank you for prioritizing the security of your online accounts, and we hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or encounter issues along the way, feel free to reach out for assistance. Your digital safety is paramount, and taking these steps will go a long way in safeguarding your valuable information.


The Step by Step Process

Step 1

Go to My Sign-Ins | Security Info | Microsoft.comnt


Step 2

Sign into your account

Make sure at the left hand of your screen, you are on Security info. 


Note: This page will look different for you, before I hid my email address and device name the previous Authenticator App is connected to. 



Step 3

Click on Add sign-in method 




Step 4

Choose a method by clicking on the drop down icon


Choose a method.PNG



Choose a method1.PNG


Step 5

Here, I will be using Microsoft Authenticator

Select Microsoft Authenticator


Choose a method1.PNG


Add a method.PNG


Step 6

Click on Add


Add a method.PNG

Authenticator app.PNG


Step 7 

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App if you previously do not have it on your phone or tablet. 


Step 8

Next, after sorting out Step 7 click on Next 


Authenticator app.PNG



Step 9

On the Set up your account screen, click on Next 






Step 10

Scan the barcode by 

  • Clicking on the  Authenticator App in your device
  • Click on the + sign at the top right of your screen
  • Select what type of account you are adding 

This are the options 

Personal account 

Work or school account 

Other(Google, Facebook, etc.)


Step 11

Click from this option on what you are using, for me I clicked on Work or school account

There is new option to add work or school account that gives you an option to

Sign in 

Scan QR code 



Click on Scan QR code


If this does not work for you that is fine, mine showed an error message 


For me it showed an error message that reads:

You've have already used this QR code to add an account. Generate a new QR code and try again. 


Let's resolve this together, you can either use of any this steps 

  • By starting the process again and scan the image (this worked for me)
  • Or clicking on manually on your device and adding the code and URL 

Adding the code and URL 

Step 12

Click on Can't scan image



barcode 1.PNG


Step 13

Either you are continuing from Step 11 or Step 12

Click on Next 


barcode 1.PNG



Step 14

After this step, this will show a number for you to enter in your Authenticator App, 

Enter the number and click on Next 




Note: you can easily delete the connection of your account to the previous Microsoft Authenticator App so if you lose your device or change device simply follow the steps above to add a new device. 

Thank you very much for reading keep secure and stay safe.





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