Developing a Curriculum for Microsoft Fabric: Cloud-Powered App Development
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Welcome, Educators! The ever-evolving landscape of technology demands that our educational strategies keep pace, enabling our students to thrive in the digital sphere. Today, we delve into a comprehensive curriculum centered around Microsoft Fabric, aimed at empowering your students in cloud-powered app development.

Course Overview


This course is designed to immerse educators and students in the expansive realm of Microsoft Fabric, emphasizing cloud services with a primary focus on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Throughout the sessions, we'll navigate through scalable services covering Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Real-Time Event Processing.

Expectations and Goals

This curriculum serves as an introductory guide to cloud services, concentrating on data-centric services related to storage and analytics processing. The lecture-based approach, supplemented by Microsoft Learn online modules, will equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of these concepts, delivered via online video format.

Daily Requirements

To maximize learning outcomes, participants are expected to review presentation content and complete assigned MS Learn Modules for each class day. While flexible, it's advised not to skip assignments to prevent issues from accumulating over the short duration of this course.

Course Schedule

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Final Project

  • Product Experience Report: 1 hour
  • Create and submit a word document. The report should be ~ ½ to 1 full page
    describing what you found most important regarding the material
    covered in the course. 


This curriculum aims not just to educate but also to inspire educators and students alike to explore the vast potential of Microsoft Fabric. As you embark on this journey, remember, it's not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about contributing your insights and feedback to shape the future of these technologies.

Feel free to share your thoughts, engage with the material, and nurture a vibrant community of learning at the Microsoft Fabric Community Hub. Together, let's empower the next generation of tech enthusiasts and innovator.

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