Crafting Spells with GitHub Copilot
Published Nov 27 2023 01:17 PM 2,366 Views

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What will be covered in the episode?



Have you ever imagined having a programming assistant that learns from billions of lines of code and suggests solutions to your problems? That's the proposition of GitHub Copilot, an artificial intelligence tool that seamlessly integrates with your code editor and provides suggestions for entire lines or functions based on natural language comments or initiated code.


During the session, you will learn?


  • Mastering Copilot: Learn how to make the most of GitHub Copilot, from its intuitive interface to its ability to understand your intentions and turn them into functional code.
  • The Magic of Artificial Intelligence: Discover how artificial intelligence has become your development partner, working in harmony with you to make each line of code more efficient and powerful.
  • Features and Functions: Explore the latest features, tips, and tricks that Copilot offers, from automatic code generation to intelligent contextual suggestions.
  • Practical Experience: Dive deep into Copilot's capabilities through practical examples and demonstrations, and see how it can enhance your development workflow.

If you want to uncover the secrets of GitHub Copilot and master the art of coding effectively and magically, this lecture is the perfect opportunity. Join us for an enchanting and informative experience about the tool that is changing the landscape of software development.

What is GitHub Copilot?


GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that provides autocomplete-style suggestions during coding. It offers suggestions when you write code or describe your intentions in natural language comments. The tool analyzes the context in the current file and related files to generate helpful suggestions within your text editor. GitHub Copilot is a collaboration between GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft, powered by a generative AI model.


If you want to learn how to better manipulate GitHub Copilot, follow the tutorial: Getting Started, and get the tool for free (for 30 days).


Now if you're student you can obtain for free using the GitHub Student Developer Pack

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