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Yahoo and Yahoo Mail stopped working on Edge today.  I can load on all other browsers but not Edge.  I have cleared Cache and I am using the latest version.   Suggestions?

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which channel/version and operation system are you using?



windows 10 v 1909

Edge v 89.0774.77

Thanks, please try disabling all of your extensions temporarily from here:
and see if that changes it. after you do it, make sure you restart browser once.
Perfect. So easy and fast. the only extension i had was an ad blocker but yahoo back to working after disabling. sad to see the extension go since it did a pretty good job of blocking spam ads. thank you for the help
You're welcome,
please mark it as answer if it solved your problem ^^

also you might not have to remove it, just disable it for Yahoo website, most adlobkers let you disable them selectively for specific websites.
i personally use and suggest ublock origin :)


As of today, March 23, 2022, I can no longer get a stable entry to Yahoo Mail using the latest build of Windows 11.  On a Windows 10 computer, using a 32 bit version of everything since this machine is specifically designed for gaming, with either Edge or Chrome, I can get to the login screen for Yahoo Mail easy peasy, but with Windows 11, the screen is unstable and flickers and changes several times per second making it impossible to login.  I got in once after I re-downloaded the stable version of Edge but it wouldn't let me send anything.  Then, I heard my phone make the "you got mail" chirp but it wouldn't receive on the computer.  I closed and tried to restart Yahoo Mail using Edge but I got the flickering screen again and that was that.  So I went back to Chrome and the same thing happened, I got the flickering screen.  Meanwhile back in Windows 10 32 bit land, everything is working like a very hungry salesperson on commission.