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Yahoo and Yahoo Mail stopped working on Edge today.  I can load on all other browsers but not Edge.  I have cleared Cache and I am using the latest version.   Suggestions?

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which channel/version and operation system are you using?



windows 10 v 1909

Edge v 89.0774.77

Thanks, please try disabling all of your extensions temporarily from here:
and see if that changes it. after you do it, make sure you restart browser once.
Perfect. So easy and fast. the only extension i had was an ad blocker but yahoo back to working after disabling. sad to see the extension go since it did a pretty good job of blocking spam ads. thank you for the help
You're welcome,
please mark it as answer if it solved your problem ^^

also you might not have to remove it, just disable it for Yahoo website, most adlobkers let you disable them selectively for specific websites.
i personally use and suggest ublock origin :)