Why Edge Sync is NOT available for ALL Office and Microsoft 365 Abonnements?

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"Syncing with your work or school account is currently available for AAD Premium accounts"

In fact only for this:

  • Azure AD Premium (P1 and P2)
  • Office 365 E3 and above
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) (P1& P2)
  • All EDU subscriptions (O365 A1 or above, M365 A1 or above, or Azure Information Protection P1 or P2 for Students or Faculty)

But for free MSA Accounts sync is working without any payment, this is not easy to explain to customers !!!

When this will change ?????

The sync should work with ALL Office 365 Accounts regardless of the AAD!

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Free Microsoft accounts don't have the same management and control over data as AAD subscription owners do. AAD admins manage lots of users, if you have tried it you would know how it's different.


Yes, clear, but the same functionality for customers is charged different .

That's difficult to explain to users.

+1, Can we please have sync for all O365 accounts.


Yes, it is not necessary to add AAD Premium to all O365 , but it is necessary that all O365 Customers can use the sync functionality .

All other admin possibilities are not needed.


While Edge was Beta, this limitation was not a problem , but after edge got final, it is not easy to explain to customers .

i love how you stand up for ms when they do something that makes sense. its great that someone comes to thier defense, they really need it. here, lets care about the end user experience, not MS wallet. maybe we can make the world a better place, instead of silencing the opinions of the end users