Was IE Mode Disabled?

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Latest Dev release and the open in IE option under 'more tools' seems to be gone, even though the options to enable still exist under edge://flags.

Has this feature been disabled?  Is there some reg key I may have inadvertently tweaked?  I cant find any announcement of it being pulled so looking for clarification.

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I agree, the codes are already in browser so just let users enable it via flags those that are not part of a domain.
You are totally right.
But then why an IE Mode is made for Enterprise?
They could also use IE to open old websites.
Using your explanation the IE Mode is useless?!?
Why you do not allow non enterprise to use IE Mode?
I don't want to use IE.
Only sometimes I open it from old edge using open in IE, because the website of the device uses activeX that do not work with edge.
I would like to reinstall IE after new edge is ready for work, but for some devices we still need the IE Mode, but not the old IE.
Please think again, to make this fantastic feature easy to use for ALL users, not only enterprise.