Video playback seems unstable

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I've been using Edge preview for a good while now during the summer. 

I have experienced unstable video playback when for example watching Netflix on my second monitor while running some other fullscreen application on my primary monitor. If I for example switch tabs while video playback is active, I switch back to my netflix tab, and it seems like the playback was on pause, and it tries to catch up to the audio. 


Also noticed that videos embedded in twitter or linkedin feed stutters and seems glitchy.


Has anyone else experienced the same?


(i9, 2080ti and a stable connection)

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@Maximilian Grandahl Lærum 


Having the same issue, twitch streams keep buffering, youtube videos keep buffering too, reddit/twitter gifs and videos have weird artifacts. Didn't have any issues before last update.

@Maximilian Grandahl Lærum Same issue here. Especially noticeable on Twitter, Reddit and Twitch. GIF's on reddit are completely messed up (blocky chop-offs), Twitch has heavy stutters, ...

@Maximilian Grandahl Lærum 

Here's what at my end:

  • Twitter - stutters and tears, except if the gif is full screen
  • Twitch - working normally
  • YouTube working normally
I have the same issue, some video froze in my secondary monitor.