Tab Groups Auto creation Problem | websites opened from favorites bar should be put in a new group

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Here is the video showing the problem in action


Edge has recently got Tab groups auto create feature, it has one big problem:

as you can see in the video above, it's a pretty usual and normal procedure:

  1. Go to a website, like YouTube, and start right-clicking on a few links/videos and open them in new tabs
  2. Edge automatically creates a tab group, putting the original website and other tabs that you opened in step 1, into one tab group.
  3. now open an item from favorites bar in a new tab, (like Microsoft Tech Community), Edge puts it into the same tab group as the previous website!
  4. obviously, this isn't desired, you want YouTube tabs to stay in One tab group and Microsoft forum tabs be in a different tab group, that's just logical and makes sense.


this shouldn't happen. because previous links and tabs were all related, but when you open a new website from favorites, it has a different domain, and it's a different website, Edge shouldn't put it into the same tab group, instead, Edge should automatically create a new tab group and put it in there.







3 - Wrong3 - Wrong



4 - what it actually should be4 - what it actually should be


I'm sending this as feedback from Edge, shortcut for it (Alt + Shift + i), please you do the same and add the details to your feedback.


p.s this problem doesn't happen when you open a website in a new tab from favorites button on Edge toolbar.





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Agree 100%. I've found the same exact problem with Facebook, Walmart, Financial pages etc... all 13 tabs in same group..