Support Pinch To Zoom Text in MIcrosoft Edge Browser for Desktop and Mobile

Copper Contributor

One useful and time-saving feature is Pinch to Zoom Text that I wonder why didn't mainstream browsers implement it. Browsers always use Pinch to Zoom Content where users need to scroll the text horizontally if text exceed the width of screen. If the users want to zoom text, they can use shortcut key for that (eg CMD,<+> or CMD<-> ) but that is unintuitive.


One thing that Opera mobile is so intuitive is that Pinch to Zoom Text is the default mode and that is intuitive because most of the time users spend time reading text.


Is it possible that Microsoft Edge add support for Pinch to Zoom Text. The browser can have menu checkbox item  "Pinch to Zoom Text". If it is unchecked, then it default to Pinch to Zoom Content.


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