Someone knows the format for url whitelists in the settings?

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in settings->security are two whitelists. Tracking and Enhanced security. I can add an URL to this whitelists/exceptions list, either with click on the lock icon or in the settings.

If I click on the lock icon I e.g. get an entry I can also enter manual in the whitelist.


But I have a problem.

I have a website with a video conference this site redirects me to From time to time this URL change to, video3. ...

Im not sure what I should enter in the whitelist., I guess this will not work.

*, edge does not allow this entry

In the input field edge suggest [*.] but I am not sure if this is correct. 

If the last entry ist not correct someone knows a site with a description for this URLs?
I found Filter format for Microsoft Edge URL policies | Microsoft Learn but if this site is for this whitelists too, would be the correct entry.

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