Settings page vertical scrollbar is not clickable when mouse cursor is at the edge of the screen

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Settings page scrollbar seems to have a ~1px margin to its right that prevents it from being pressed when the mouse cursor is positioned at the right edge of the screen.


If the mouse is pressed and dragged in this position, it instead causes the page's text to be selected instead, which is unexpected and frustrating.




(Personally, I'm using my mouse at a high sensitivity setting of 2100DPI which amplifies this issue, requiring me to "pixel-hunt" every time I want to press and drag the scrollbar)


The version I'm using is the latest stable (105.0.1343.27) on Win10 x64. 


Based on the fact this issue hasn't been mentioned in this forum. I'll assume this also occurs the latest insider version (though I haven't tested it). Please let me know if it is not the case.



Same issue occurs with other browser special pages, like:






since they all seem to share the same scrollbar control.

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Upgraded to latest stable version (105.0.1343.42)

And now the issue occurs globally, for **all** browser pages (not just edge:// ones)!

The scrollbar handle is not pressable at the edge of the screen (though now the text does not get highlighted when a mouse drag starts from this position, so something has possibly been changed).

I'm not sure if this bug report has anything to do with it (there have not been any replies), but things seem to have gotten **worse**, rather than better?

Also reproduced in latest Canary build (107.0.1382.0).
I'm having the same issue, hope this gets addressed shortly.
There is also 1px line on the top.
You can see it on youtube dark mode, both the right and top margin.
I have this same issue for about two weeks, this is really bad for scrolling. I used to move my mouse to the right most of screen and just blindly move the scroll bar by mouse. Now I have to use my eyes to find the scroll bar. Hope this is just a bug, not a feature update.


I think this issue is solved on version 106.0.1370.47. You can have a look.

Thanks Microsoft.